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Good day Ladies and Gentleman.

Here are some hunting packages that I would like to share with everyone:

Hunting Packages for 2011
Please note that all hunting packages are only available in the following time frames February/March/April/May/October/November.
There are no hidden costs the price of the package includes everything stipulated below:

Package 1 $4650
7 day’s accommodat
1 Impala
1 Blue Wildebeest
1 Gemsbuck
1 Warthog

Package 2 $ 4750
7 Day's accommodation
1 Impala
1 Blue Wildebeest
1 Warthog
1 Zebra

Package 3 $ 6700
10 Days accommodation
1 Impala
1 Warthog
1 Baboon
1 Blue Wildebeest
1 Gemsbuck
1 Zebra

Package 4 $ 6900
10 Day's accommodation
1 Impala
1 Warthog
1 Blue Wildebeest
1 Gemsbuck
1 Red Hartebeest
1 Steenbuck

The above rates include the following:
- Accommodation is quoted per person per day
- The full use of all facilities in the camp such as the swimming pool and satellite television
- A daily laundry service is also available at no extra cost
- Full catering: early morning coffee & rusks, brunch, snacks, dinner, all soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in moderation
- Hunting: a fully licensed Professional Hunter, trackers, skinners, all camp staff, transport to and from blinds, picking up of trophies, field preparation of any game taken and transportation of trophies to shipping company

The above rates excludes the following:
- Accommodations prior to and after safari
- Transport by vehicle from Johannesburg International Airport
- Transport by vehicle between other Hunting Provinces
- Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies to final destination
- Rifle hire - per Rifle per day (includes ammunition)
- Gratuities

Please don’t hesitate to have a look on our web site or you can contact me directly should you have any questions!
Good day gentleman we also have some very well prices Sable, Roan and Cape Buffalo hunts available!

Trophy fees:

Sable bulls starting @ $8000 for 40”+ Bulls.
Roan Bulls starting @ $12 000 for 27” + Bulls
Cape Buffalo starting @ $14 000

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen

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Thanks for posting your prices for sable, roan and buffalo! I really like the sable your client took last year!
Thank you Enysse it was a nice bull.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Hi guy’s

I would like to know if there are any keen bow hunters out there who would be interested in doing walk and stalk bow hunting only?

This hunt will take place on a bow hunting only concession that I have recently acquired.

Since we got the hunting rights to the property we have successfully hunted, Klipspringer, Zebra, Impala and blue wildebeest by walk and stark you would be welcome to come and hunt in the wetter moths of the years since we will not be dependent on hunting out of blinds.;)






If there is any keen bow hunters who would love to hunt Africa with bow on foot please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
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Hi guy’s

I just wanted to post some trail camera photo’s of this years kudu potential.




Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
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Those are some great kudu, wish we got them that size where i hunt
Hi Guy’s

I have one date left for the peak season 8-17 July who is up for it?

You would be welcome to choose a package hunt.

Best regards
Louis van Bergen


Those are great pictures of Kudu !
Its not everyday you see something like that

I am sure you will fill the last date as well !

Thank you Willem much appreciated!;)

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Hi guy’s.

They might not be the cheapest out there but value for money for sure.

There are no hidden costs.

Should you be two hunters who book I will throw in the charter from JHB to my Ranch and back to JHB free this is normally valued at $1200.

Best regards
Louis van Bergen
Louis i think you got very good packages good luck.
Thank you Johan!

Why drive when you can fly guys.
We also have one buffalo bull available for $11 000 trophy fee.:beer:

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Yes i do have the same saying " why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly " hahaha
I will give Louis and crew some lip service. Louis does a great job--he is a young hunter, and will make your stay on his personal ranch and surrounding areas feel like you are home and welcome.

I took my friend that had not hunted much big game with me last year. He went crazy and shot 5 animals and had a ball. I think he booked 13,or 14 days with Louis this year. He treats his clients like gold--and you know he is working as hard as he can for you. You stick and string (bow) guys should really take Louis on his bow only area. Its a beautiful place!!!!

My wife as never been a big hunter/ wanted to go this year on my annual hunting trip-- so I had such a great time at Louis last year. I booked 7 days with Louis 2011 We will be there June 26- July 4. I will have my wife, and one of my good friends thats never been to Africa with me. My friend took Louis package 1, I think that is a great value--compared to a N. American elk hunt in a good area. I will hunt--Giraffe, Eland,Waterbuck, and ???? I like to keep things open!

One last thing I will leave you with, there are no hidden cost. Louis picked me up at OR Tambo, fed me, had a room for me, took me back to the Airport and made sure I was on my way before he or any of his crew left me. It was the best service I have ever recived from a outfit--and I hunt alot. Their are alot of great outfits out there, but Louis is one of the good guys!!!!

If Louis throws in the plane it buys you 1/2 day of hunting!!!!! I shot my Zebra about 5 min before I boarded the charter and left for Tambo!!!!

The hunting great too!!!! Louis, See you around the campfire soon for a Wisky and some stories!!!!

Some of our trophies:

My Zebra


Prentiss' blue wildebeest


I know you guys have seen these before-- some more of our hunt:




We had a great 8 day hunt!!!!!!!!


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Thank you Ed for the kind works it is appreciated looking forward to having you back this year and sitting around the camp fire sharing stories!

Johan pretty funny stuff LOL.

Best regards
Louis van Bergen
I just wanted to add this info for the sake of posting a fully detailed hunting offer.

Outfitter: Louis van Bergen/ Spiral Horn Safaris
PH : Louis van Bergen
Outfitter number: CPM-005-00064
PH Number: CPM-004-00496
Area : Limpopo
Hunting area size: 30 000 acres, my own property size 5 000 acres
Fenced: Yes

Member of PHASA: Yes

Johan thank you for this great idea!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
No problem my friend no problem.
It seems that is not so difficult to give us a full information. Congratulations Louis and Johan
Thanks nsok i think it will make it easier this way, the more info you can get from the start the better.

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