Hunting in Second Half of October

Discussion in 'DEALS & OFFERS' started by Gloucester, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Hello, owner-managed PHs

    I'm looking for a decent buffalo hunt in the second half of October. At this relatively late stage, I'm assuming there might be some good deals by way of cancellations, or from PHs who haven't sold everything for the season.

    The essentials of what I am looking for are: -

    1. 10 day - 12 day buffalo hunt. 2 x buffalo plus a good variety of PG

    2. Arrival day Saturday 19 October (flexible within a couple of days)

    3. Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia or Tanzania, with the following comments: -

    - I had a bad PH experience in Zimbabwe and would want to carry out the most rigorous check on both the PH and the concession
    - I suspect I might have left it too late to deal with the necessary paperwork for Tanzania
    - I am confused about Zambia. I believe leopard and lion are now out and several concessions have been closed, although I don't know the situation as regards private land

    5. I would prefer to deal direct with an owner managed operation, rather than through an intermediary. I prefer smaller operations where I am dealing with the PH who I would be hunting with

    6. Luxury camp facilities irrelevant; frankly, I would rather stay in a tent

    7. I am more comfortable if the PH is carrying a stopper

    8. I don't want to travel to different hunting areas

    About Me

    (i) I live in England
    (ii) I have DG experience: Elephant, Buffalo, Lion & Leopard.
    (iii) I have hunted in Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and South Africa
    (iv) I will bring my .375 H&H, probably, although I might decide to take a 416 Rigby
    (v) I am fit enough to walk all day. I want early starts and all day hunting
    (vi)I don't have any handicaps, allergies or fussy habits. I eat what's put in front of me and always stop drinking before I make an arse of myself (at least I try to)
    (vii) I'm not after trophies; I'm after a good experience

    I would only like offers direct from the operation please - I don't want a safari that someone has bought and is trying to sell on. Please respond initially on the open forum, rather than sending me a private message.

    18.13. -
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    I have an opening from 22nd October onwards and have some quota available. Please feel free to contact me for more info.

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