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Oct 8, 2011
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Hey all!

I'm Ryan. I just found out I will be traveling Kenya in January. The least I can say is I'm more excited beyond words. I will be working with my University to study East African Raptors and other animal populations in Masai Mara and Lake Niavasha. I've always wanted to travel to Africa, and I hope this is the first of many trips.

I'm also interested in doing a little hunting while I'm there (I know it isn't allowed in Kenya) and have some questions that I'll post.
Welcome to the forum Ryan !

Just post the questions, I am certain you will get answers.
Welcome to AH.

Ask away.

What rifle will you be traveling with.

Check on what countries you will be wanting to visit and see what you need to do to take your rifle and go hunting.
Welcome to AH, Ryan!
Welcome to AH Ryan! If you decide not to carry a gun you can always rent one from the outfitters you'll be hunting with saves a lot of trouble when your traveling through other country's.
Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!

My trip will be only in Kenya, but I was thinking of swinging down into Tanzania since I will be right on the border as it is.

I was planning on renting a rifle if I can hunt mostly because I'm not sure a professor would be happy with my bringing one. But here at home (Idaho) I shoot a .270 win.

I posted my questions in the hunting africa section. Hopefully will get an answer soon!
Ryan, did not see your other questions.
Good luck with your trip and your hunting.
Kenya, not sure about the hunting. Don't think you can from what I recall.
Tanzania, may be able to get that done.
Welcome to AH Ryan! Enjoy your time in Africa.
Welcome and enjoy Africa while you're there.

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