Headed to Scotland Fall 2023

Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
It is definitely possible to have a blank day stalking in Scotland but I have to say it is rare. When I had a blank outing I was immediately offered another day free of charge. If you are only visiting Scotland for a few days, definitely try stalking Red deer on the hill. It is a magical experience!
Stag stalking in Scotland is done to experience the tradition and atmosphere.
They never allow you to shoot a trophy size breeding stag and you can only shoot the one you are told.
Looking forward to do it hopefully in the near future.
I just returned from Scotland this past weekend. My wife and I had an amazing time and I was lucky enough to harvest a beautiful Red Stag and Sika Stag Arranged through Mike Taylor Sporting out of the UK. The Red Stag was a an absolute stud, not the management animal I had originally set out after, but a very nice trophy. The Sika Stag was a typical 2-3 year old representative stag.

I will end of up doing a full hunt report, but I wanted to post a couple of pictures.

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Amazing. You were incredibly fortunate to be able to take a stag of that quality off the hill.
@Aaron.F , congratulations on a great trip and a wonderful Red Stag! My wife and I have our 30th anniversary this year, and she would like celebrate with a trip to her ancestral homeland (Scotland). Neither of us have ever been before, so we are soliciting input from all sources. We don't plan to do any hunting, but if you wouldn't mind sharing the non-hunting portion of your itinerary; it would be supremely appreciated. For reference, we would be flying from Dallas-Ft. Worth to (I suppose) Edinburgh; and it looks like the timing of our trip will fall in September or October of this year. We will be traveling with two other couples who have been life-long friends; we are all in our early 50's and will not have any kids with us on the trip. Items of interest are beautiful scenery, castles, whiskey tastings, no crowds, and anything else that sounds good. :)

We pretty much enjoyed everywhere we went but a few things stood out as great and maybe a few not so great.

Edinburgh- loved it, great town a bunch to do and see, lots of people though.

Aberdeen - only one night there, nothing really special, went there after we left Edinburgh so we could see Dunnotar Castle, which we both loved.

Inverness - great area to serve as a base of operations, but definitely fairly touristy, IMO. However, there is a sporting goods store there that I got to see and handle a bunch of European rifles. We went to EiIean Donan Castle while here, it was amazing And highly reccomend.

Isle of Skye - Very beautiful area, but is fairly busy with a lot of tourist, but definitely worth it.

Newtonmore - small town that we stayed in while hunting, nothing special, but nothing bad, just a small interior town.

Glasgow - IMO, its basically just a big European City, saw a couple of cool things, but would not go back,

House of Bruar is a very cool store that I think everyone needs to visit, it is kind of between Glasgow and Edinburgh. All types of clothes, food, and everything Scottish, we spent several hours here.

We’ve went to a bunch of castles which is my favorite part of our European trips other than immersing of one’s elf into the local culture, but near the end I was good on castles for a bit.

Scotland is probably the most beautiful country we have been to and my wife and I had a wonderful time. I highly recommend it to everyone. If you would like more biased information, send me a PM with your phone number and we can discuss.
Indeed, House of Bruar is a must if you are in the neighbourhood. Did you visit the Blair Atholl castle?

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