Green Rhino Hunt / Dart Rhino Hunts in Namibia

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    Green Rhino Hunt / Dart Rhino Hunts in Namibia

    Green Rhino Hunts or Dart Rhino Hunts in Namibia are not "technically" legal as the Namibian hunting regulations stipulates that narcotics and drugs cannot be used on hunted animals, so in some respect it covers that type of hunting in a broad stroke.

    Hearing that some people were offering and conducting such hunts in Namibia anyway, I contacted NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association) do find out exactly the legality of such Green Rhino Hunts or Dart Rhino Hunts in Namibia.

    NAPHA's respond to my enquiry was: "NOBODY may offer, sell or conduct a green rhino dart hunt in Namibia. Our Veterinary Regulations does not allow none registered Veterinarians to work/handle etc the narcotic use for such a hunt."

    A quick browse through the internet resulted in finding companies publicly offering green Rhino hunts on their property as you can see from the attached documents...

    Anyway this is to inform and caution any hunter who would consider doing a Green Rhino Hunt / Dart Rhino Hunts in Namibia... Just because an outfitter offers it, does not mean that it is legal, once again a good reminder that it is always important to do your research.

    dart-rhino-hunts.jpg green-rhino-hunts.jpg rhino-dart-hunt-ebay.jpg rhino-dart-hunts-otjiwa-safaris.jpg rhino-green-hunt-otjiwa-sa.jpg rhino-green-hunts-otjiwa-safaris.jpg

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