Granite Mountain Arms 500 Jeffery For Sale $12,500


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Nov 5, 2012
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For sale here Gents is a very early production East African Model from Empire Rifles. Unknown the exact maker as the owner of Empire had nothing to do with manufacture and the records are gone, he simply sub'd the work out to various custom makers. That being said, whoever built this rifle new exactly what they were building and to a quality level that would take twice the price to duplicate today. This rifle is pictured and mentioned in Terry Weilands "Dangerous Game Rifles" book on page 99 as seen in pic. This is the ultimate build, 22" barrel 1/4 rib banded hooded front sight, 1 standing and two folding express sights with gold line, long tang through wrist, Torx action bolts (I have the original flat heads), 14.25" LOP to a NECG black recoil pad. Two panel checkered bolt knob and jeweled bolt. Here is where it gets interesting.....integral double square bridge german claw mount 1" scope provision and leupold VX3 1.5-5 scope included (standard duplex). There are initials in the gold oval, and there is an elephant track engraved on the trap door grip cap. This rifle is battle proven in Zim on a buff safari I took 2 years ago. Really accurate, with multiple handloads I had worked up. The rifle weighs 10.4 lbs without optic. Very manageable recoil due to the modern stock design. I've had a lot of rifles in my day, and IMO someone put a whole bunch of skill into this stock design. For a rifle to come up literally without thought for both irons and optic is rare, and this one does just that. This rifle needs to be whacking elephant for the remainder of its life. The stock is made from a beautiful piece of Bastogne walnut, couldn't tell you the grade but it speaks for itself. I am listing this here first as I know there are many serious hunters and rifle guys. When you compare this rifle to others on the market right now, and you are looking for something like this, not hard to pull the trigger so to speak. It shows a little wear and bluing loss---honest wear from use in the field, few dings in wood etc. I'm happy to answer questions and provide more pics if necessary but please, serious inquiries only. Price $12,500.

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Stunning doesn't even begin to describe that work of art. Bump for an awesome rifle.
I've always wondered the significance of "the gold oval".
I've always wondered the significance of "the gold oval".
Traditional British accent on finely made arms. Was used for personalization with owners initials or coat of arms, usually of wealthy, political and/or noble linneage. Also a mark of pride in craftsmanship while enhancing asthetics. Can also be used to record and trace the history of the arm itself if it has been engraved.
A beautiful piece of kit! Good luck with the sale!
PRICE REDUCTION,......$11,000, Anyone interested---???

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