Good Idea? Or a Solution looking for a problem?


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Jun 24, 2022
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Daughter sent me this link. I'm not a bow hunter, and I'm surprised this company chose to market only to bow hunters, but I'm trying to figure out if in general I like this product or not. Battery not needed as it gets its power from the "presence" of your cell phone (that's a little disturbing). Looking forward to seeing your thoughts.
You could apply that technology to pretty much anything.. Im betting they have other "tags" out there that are the exact same thing, only with a different name and logo on them.. otherwise they would be secluding themselves to such a small market that it would be almost impossible for them to make any reasonable amount of money..

For example.. you could do the same thing with a "vacation" tag.. spend a week in Bora Bora, and link everything about your trip digitally to the tag... or hike the entire Appalachian Trail and link everything about that experience digitally to the tag..

Or do the same thing with a a rifle hunt.. (no reason for it to be limited to a bow).. etc..etc..

Kind of a neat concept I think.. that might appeal to younger generations..

For me, I prefer hard copy... Most memorable trips, whether a hunt, or a family vacation, etc.. We come back and create a photo album/coffee table book.. we send dozens (if not 100 or more) pics off to a printer and have a book made to secure the memories.. we add in notes that advise of the time, location, key events, etc.. We've probably got a dozen or more of them at this point.. and now that the house is pretty full of taxidermy, curios, mementos, etc.. and we plan on downsizing at some point in the next few years (last kid leaves the house soon.. and we intend on trading sq footage for acreage).. we'll have even less wall space available.. so we'll probably start doing even more of the books when we travel (and bring home less "stuff")...
Ehh maybe

I think the mount idea makes more sense. Could be cool if you had a big trophy room. Friends and visitors could scan and learn about the trophy and hunt.
That would complement the video tapes and CDs of past life experiences, that are never watched.
Yep, a solution looking for a problem. YMMV.
Probably appeals to a generation younger than myself.
I have no interest in this whatsoever-solution looking for a problem
I'm actually a bit in contrast with the previous opinions.
Yes, I have mounts at home. Yes, I wrote another 100-page book on my safari. Yes, I also ordered some single-print pictures in large sizes.

But I also have quite a few videos of my safaris. From the very edited 3 min long full overview, to clips of a few seconds with some shenanigans in. I have no easy way to store these and share them with whoever wants to have a look. So they go unwatched and remain on my PC.

This product has nothing to do with mounts or hunting or anything. It is just a cloud service that allows you to upload and store media, for easy sharing with others. Now will this be available in 40 years, for my children and grandchildren? That is the real question. If it is well presented, and they will still exist in 50 years + time, it would be a great backup/storage solution for all those pictures and videos we take and then remain on our personal pc or smartphone. This way someone might actually be able to appreciate them.

However, I would probably look to the likes of a mastodon like Google, Amazon or Meta, for such a service, to ensure that in decades this will all still be available. And presented in a nice format for future generations.

So in short, great idea, although I'd look to see for one of the tech giants to provide the same service.
Check out - - the Journi Blog app.

Heard about it on the big game hunting podcast. Can easily make a photo book and share your trip with your friends/family while traveling. Apparently, you can choose who sees which photos.

Trying to figure out my taxidermy plans for this September in Namibia - kudu, gemsbok, impala, wildebeest, and eland. Leaning towards dip and pack and having the taxidermy done here in Alberta. Was thinking of euro mounts only but my wife has surprisingly encouraged me to consider shoulder mounts are capes. Would rather spend money on hunts than mounts but these are some beautiful animals.

Considering a video of my hunt as well - I’ll watch it whether anyone else does :)
I do it the old fashioned way with wordprocessor and inserted digital images. The stories will eventually be put on a CD with nice menu program. Those can be bought cheap or even downloaded free. Menu opens automatically when the disk is loaded. I'm sure I could download it to some site if inclined. Maybe someday. But my stories are for my family, not public.

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