Fulfilling a dream

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    Fulfilling a dream
    by Urpo Granath, Sweden

    For many years, it has been my dream to go hunting in Africa. In April this year, my dream came true, as I went with Svenska Jaktresor to the northeastern parts of South Africa.

    Earlier, I have hunted bear, moose and wildboars in Canada, Alaska, and Russia, but now I was about to try something new to me. Prior to the South Africa trip I had prepared for the shooting by using a shooting stick, which is not so common here in Sweden. True to my habit, I brought Norma's 30-06 Nosler Partition, which has always worked well during my hunts.

    We flew into Johannesburg and then on to the hunting area, which is 73.000 ha. There is an enormous amount of animals! I hunted with a guide and he very carefully selected the animals, for them to have the right age, to keep the fine game population.

    We turned out to be very successful and my guide could help me take an impala in no time and later the same day also a kudu and a blesbok. We were also successful the following days and I got both warthog, zebra, waterbuck, red hartebeest and a gemsbok. Almost all of them were gold-, silver- or bronze medal trophies!


    After such a successful trip, one cannot ask for anything else but to go back again as soon as possible!
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