Dangerous Game Hunt Price Trend?


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Dec 8, 2012
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Since joining, I've been reading virtually everything here.
There was a discussion about the economy and it's effect on safari prices.....
Which raises a question:
Do you see prices of hunts (especially Dangerous Game) in the near future coming down, rising, or staying pretty much the same?

I'm interested in this because like a lot of people I'd like a DG hunt in the future (I have a bone to pick with a buff), but at the current prices (and especially if they continue to rise) I'd have a hard time justifying it.
buzz i cant see them coming down, it doesnt seem that long ago when you could get a 7 day all inclusive buff hunt for around the $5500.00 to $6000.00 in zim, but as they say time flies. the safari companies that operate in government concessions have to tender for the areas each time the leases expire , these usually run around 5 years . when these tenders are put in the game depts arent going to take the cheapest offers, so then the operators who get the concessions have then to factor in what they have said will go to the game dept, and then work out their prices to cover their costs and make some money on top, so a bit of a nasty upward spiral unfortunately. the private reserves are usually in disease free areas so they can only stock buff that have been raised and checked as being free of foot and mouth etc. these buff are expensive in the first place to purchase at auction, and then you have to wait for them to breed and mature which doesnt happen overnight. jump on one of the end of year deals that pop up on here.
Spike, forgive me for not understanding the terms - but are you saying the companies actually have to bid for the concessions?
That certainly would seem to guarantee higher prices...
Hi Buzz1858

Spike.t gave some very good insight.

As discussed before Outfitters have to tender for concessions in most African countries they either get the hunting rights for 5 or 10 years in most cases it would be 10 years. The current trend is Zambia and Tanzania having massive price hikes, the closing of Botswana did not help in this at all.

Zimbabwe and Mozambique are still pricing fairly reasonable for now but will no doubt also follow the same trend? Unfortunately as government fees and trophy tag fees get hiked up by people who don't have to market these hunts nor realise the importance of pricing competitively we will see the trend of escalating prices continue.

Then obviously there is only so much hunting land available, getting an open concession in Africa is some really competitive business this might add to it by artificially raising prices?

You through in the closing of lion and the definite cutting of big cat quota then we are heading for an interesting time for sure.

There is a bit of hope at the end of the tunnel though South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana have all got privatised land (Game Ranches) though a lot of people including myself would love to hunt old Africa times are changing we might have to change with it?

South Africa being pioneers of game ranch management, there is a big game farming industry over here closely followed by Namibia, I do honestly think prices of animals like Sable, Roan and Cape Buffalo will come down but then there are others like big kudu that will defiantly be going up in years to come?

Simply put it is about supply and demand and finding a balance between the two that will conserve our wildlife populations for generations to come!

All and all I would have to say that hunt when you can where you can all of Africa is special and something that each hunter should experience at least once in his lifetime!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
louis having spoken to friends who are operators in zambia ,or should i say were up to the new tenders being submitted the feeling is that it isnt looking good for the established operators. i know one has told me he isnt on the short list so will have to see what happens, but then i am sure a plan can be made......
Hi Spike.t

My uncle has been operating up in Zambia for a decade now, we are all nervous about who will be getting what? One thing is for sure prices have gone up a lot I hope the guy's would be able to swing it?

I am sure it will all turn out fine in the end though, I loved doing some hunts up there beautiful place!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Nothing ever gets any easier, does it?
It's a tough call when one is on a tight budget. Take a major loan in order to grab a DG hunt before they are completely beyond one's means, or just forget it.
I'm afraid it looks like due to supply and demand - with plenty of people willing (and able) to pay the current prices that very soon the average Joe will be unable to afford a hunt in his lifetime.
Buzz sent you a pm sir would love to hunt a Cape Buffalo with you!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Hi Spike.t

My uncle has been operating up in Zambia for a decade now, we are all nervous about who will be getting what? One thing is for sure prices have gone up a lot I hope the guy's would be able to swing it?

I am sure it will all turn out fine in the end though, I loved doing some hunts up there beautiful place!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen

hope it does, and it sure is, where does he operate , the luangwa?
He operated in the South Luangwa North of Pituku (not sure of the spelling) bordering the South Laungwa national park.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Good stuff on this thread...well not all of old Africa is gone, but a whole lot has changed. My Dad's good friend hunted alot of Africa in the 60's and 70's. He would go on a trip no less than 20-30 days and take a good bag. Now the adv. guy can't get off but for 10-14 days at best, and we expect to take a bag of super trophy animals. Well I can see where some of the game farming operations have a great fit, they can protect the game from poaching, put water were it needs to be--and keep the game in good shape, and huntable while the client is there--I will state, I have hunted behind fences and without--I will say I wish we could all hunt where we hear the lions roar at night and the hippo's bellow--but times change.

Buzz go as soon as you can--nothing gets cheaper. I have seen some good deals come up on this board and others with good prices on buff heck --Louis (I see he replied on this thread) put up a special a few days ago Plains game + Buffalo for 20K. I know it is alot of money--its a great deal. I got to dividing it out if you went daily rate 400 a day x 8=$3200 (most with DG on the menu it is more like 600-1000) along with $4550 worth of plains game (per his price list) that puts the cape buff at $12,000. Pretty darn reasonable for a good buff. I have priced alot of buffalo hunts and a cheap Zim hunt now is 11K+--anyway in short just go--- it does not matter if its Benin, Tanz, or South Africa...enjoy and GO!!!!

I will add a plug for Louis, I have hunted his farm a couple of times--and the plains game will be jaw dropping. I took this 31.5 in Waterbuck in the area where you would be hunting Buffalo...There are bigger there I have seen!!! But I am pretty darned pleased with this one!



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Thanks for the input. Louis PM'd me and made me a very nice offer.
I suppose now is as good a time as any - it will not get any better soon. Looking at some of the Zim hunts - that's close to 1/3 my yearly income! I'm just a poor retired Marine - take me 3 years of not eating to afford that.
Part of the reason for this thread was I have read that as far as PG goes, the hunts will get a bit cheaper, as the outfitters try to undercut eachother. The economy as it is, it's really getting tough to pay for even an inexpensive package hunt.
Go now. There are two bits of great information talked about here. One was to consider a private reserve hunt. Good idea.

The other bit I really liked was waiting until "late season" and buy a leftover quota hunt. This can be a great way to score a deal but you have to have resources ready and be able to plan a trip in 8-12 weeks generally....but that is where the REAL savings are. You just have to be ready and committed.
Tom, thanks for that - I never thought of it...
I'm fortunate enough to be able to just pick up and go.
With Botswana closing, the hassles in Zim and now the shutting down of large sections of hunting in Zambia because of corruption ( Gee, there is a surprise, corruption in Africa?:confused:) I can only see the more popular DG hunts going up. There will be more outfitters filtering in from other countries which have been closed down, and the ensuing bun fight for less resources will make it more expensive.
No doubt everything is skying upwards....bound to happen. Supply goes down, customer demand goes up and you have a price increase.

The best deals are cancellations and last minute hunts. Still there is a troubling future for hunters ahead.
I only see an increase in DG hunts moving forward in the vast majority of African countries, but I do see the price of Buffalo decreasing or staying the same in long term in RSA and here is my reasoning. (If you hate the idea of shooting enclosed properties then this wont appeal to you)
Currently the breeding of Buffalo is running rampant, everyone who has the capital is setting up a breeding ranch and is breeding bigger better buffalo. This is great, the short term forecast is sky high (a buffalo bull sold on live auction for R26million = $ 3.1 mil) good if it is alive, but hunters are always going to want to pay in the $8500 to $12000 range. Buffalo also breed like cattle under ranch like conditions and as has been seen 90% calving rate is not out of the question. So if everyone is breeding buffalo and eventually supply will outstrip demand, we will end up with a situation with a whole bunch of inferior (read 37 to 42 inch hardboss) bulls that wont make it onto the live sales and will need to be taken by the hunters who will dictate the price. But like I said this is only in RSA where game farming has become an art. I cant wait to drop my prices on buff!!!!
Hotfire Hunting Safaris;73047e i cant wait to drop my prices on buff!!!![/QUOTE said:
me neither , get a move on , ahhh driven buff shooting.....:daydreaming: you can put me down for a few days of that:laughing::beer:
I think cape buffalo for $8500 to $12000 would not be so bad and we all know if you have read my past threads how much (I think the cape buffalo price is crazy high...compared to big kudu). Some areas of RSA I think it would be OK. I have seen way too many cape buffalo out in a grass fields behind a fence and thought the fair chase element was gone. It turned me off big time. There has to be a element of surprise or I think it becomes a shoot instread of a hunt. Maybe I'm getting to OLD but I want some hardship before I harvest something. If people are offended by what I wrote so be it. I want to do a lot of glassing, spot and stalking before something gets killed.

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