Coppersmith, trophy shippers, or other?


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Mar 20, 2024
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In the begin stages of planning my first safari. I'll be having clearance done in Chicago so I can pick up there. Who is your preferred trophy import broker?
I use coppersmiths. Communication with them is very clear and they have a bonded warehouse. If you decide to go with trophy shippers I’d ask if they have a bonded warehouse to avoid storage fees.
I've read through this tread, but it seemed like it turned from one person's bad experience (could be from a # of different reasons) to useless information about other airports and/or countries.

If I end up shooting a warthog, then I will just do a european mount, which from my understanding doesn't require special permit or inspection.
Thread 'this sucks'

Recent longish thread related to clearing through Chicago. (Possibly complicated by a warthog.)

Mine is "Other", but I use DFW.
Every trophy shipment that comes in is on a case by case basis depending on the inspector’s mood that day. There were threads last year about thousands of dollars in storage fees at DFW with a broker who didn’t have a bonded warehouse. My Cameroon shipment cleared Chicago maybe 6 months ago containing a warthog and a LDE. I think that would be one of the more difficult shipments to process. I paid for 1 day of storage then it waited on inspectors In coppersmiths warehouse for a few weeks.
Dumb question, What does "bonded warehouse" mean?
It means they have a warehouse approved by USDA USFW to be stored in while waiting on inspection rather than staying in airline storage and paying storage fees to airline
It means they have a warehouse approved by USDA USFW to be stored in while waiting on inspection rather than staying in airline storage and paying storage fees to airline
That makes sense. Thank you!
Coppersmith x2
I've never had an issue, communication was good and fees reasonable going into Atlanta.
Safari Speciality Importers.

They are on the WWW

Give Wyatt a call
Gentleman, any opinion on " Trophy Shippers " performance?
I cleared two shipments with them in 2021 and 2022. They went fine. However the shipment in 2022 was the first time customs ever had to call me to get in contact with the broker which I thought was odd. Then some negative reports appeared here shortly after that during some personnel changes. I made the decision to go to coppersmiths because I feel they are much more stable and have more resources available in event of an issue.
Coppersmith has done a great job for me. Michael Coppersmith refused to give up on a lost shipment with Turkish Airlines, and in the end he rescued my shipment. He has my business.
Used Coppersmith in Dec 2023 (from 2022 hunt), arrived in Atlanta. About $500 for airport storage due to arriving end of week. The shipment was delayed several times on the RSA end. I plan to use them again when trophies from 2023 hunt is ready to ship.
Coppersmith has not only their own staff but also their own warehouses in most major ports of entry. They can save you big $$ by getting your crate off of the airport property while awaiting the lazy govt to inspect! No one has the staff or experience of Coppersmith.

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