Checking firearms to S.A.

Update: Have decided to not take our firearms. I am taking along my 3 Granddaughters, ages 23,12,and 11 (plus my wife, lol). Has anyone had any issues bringing kids along? Their mother will not be going with us. I have filled out the SA forms and have their documents in order....I think.

You have letters from the parents stating they give permission to accompany you that are notarized or some legal stamp on , and have the parents address and yours and where you will be staying....put parents pasport/ID numbers and contact numbers in as well. And signed by them..only needed for ones under 18 obviously...what we have to do when louise daughter flies up from sa to stay with us...turns 18 this month so be great don't have to do all that anymore ...not sure if you need original or notarized copies of their birth certificates anymore...just seen you don't mention father...depending on situation ie if divorced still need same permission letters from him I believe...but not 100% on it ...Read it all up when we first started bringing louise daughter up , but was a while ago so could be out of date on what is or isn't needed....

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