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Dec 27, 2011
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Have a question for you guys that have bought used double rifles: There is a used Chapius double in 9.3x74R for sale @ G.I. . I contacted the seller in North Carolina but he doesn't have pictures of regulation targets. Would it be safe to buy a double like that?

Thanks in advance.
Unless he could provide pics, I think i would pass. Don't know the pricetag, but, unless it's a hellofadeal, pass. The things I have read about Chapius rifles are about 60-40, more good than not. Just have the guy go out and shoot it, take a picture of the target, and then send the pic to you. At least then you will know if the level of accuracy is within your comfort range.
Chapuis are fine rifles, however, I would always shoot a double rifle before buying it.
I have fired a couple, both shot well. However, I have to agree with Nyati that I would want to test fire the gun myself. Buying a double based on an photo of a target seems risky.
Sometime the best deals on doubles are on the GI site. It would be tough to test fire a gun sold on this venue unless local. If the you find what you want and the price is right I would purchase the gun with the stipulation of a trial period. I have purchased three doubles. Two were from fellow forum members and one from an auction website. I feel that only on the auction site did I take a chance. All three worked out very well. GI is not an auction venue, so I would negotiate the terms prior to purchase.
If you cant shoot it send it to a 3rd party for inspection and firing it will cost you a couple $$ usually around $200 but save you a headache later on. JJ at Champlains is good for that.

On a lighter note, all the Chapuis I have shot shot better than adv. 2 470 and 3 9.3x74 all shot better than min of orange at 50 M.


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