Are Plains Game Activity Affected by Temp Drops?


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Dec 18, 2022
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Greetings All !! I am headed to the Eastern Cape in less than 1 week for my first safari with Frontier Safari's in the Eastern Cape for a 10 day Plains Game hunt. I have been monitoring the weather which is now in the 80's but it looks to be dropping into the 60's around the time I will be getting to camp. Question: does a temp drop promote animal activity like it does with Whitetail here in the States? Thanks for any input. - Scott
If it’s cold many will just find a spot in the sun and stand there and soak it up. Same if it’s extremely windy they will find a spot out of the wind and just stand there. Sometimes it seems they will stay put for what seems like hours.
Depends on the animal. It seems that except for rainy, windy days, in Eastern Cape, hunting was always good. If you're there June 5/6 you'll catch the dark moon days. Good Luck on your hunt!
Sideways rain and wind will have critters working to keep warm by hiding.
San trackers in the Kalahari never bothered looking for game until it started to warm up. When the San tracker was taking his coat off in the back of the truck you would start to see game moving.
Good luck.
Let us know what you experience.
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That's about what the temperatures were when I was there in 2022 and it had zero effect on the animals that I saw.

The mornings were cool enough for a light jacket, PH and tracker wore heaver ones but I'm from Colorado and 60 almost feels balmy in the Spring.
Welcome to this great forum! Enjoy the site!
Hello Gerty,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

I look forward to your hunt report and photos as well.

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Welcome to AH! If you have a blizzard in the Eastern Cape the animals won’t move around much. Other than that you’re good to go. LOL

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