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Oct 22, 2023
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SE Texas
Inspired by lvw’s PMD post I decided to build one for myself. Purchased a new Yildiz A3T 12 ga single trigger double, shortened barrels to 23-7/8”, added front sight and rear globe, sling swivels, new recoil pad, and purchased 2 Chaszel 24” .45-70 barrel inserts. Was a very easy project and costs were a little less than $1K. Have not had the weather for a range trip yet but both barrels look spot on at 25yds with a laser boresighter.

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PMD is 7.2# in 12ga livery and 9.5# with .45-70 inserts. I usually justify every new firearm purchase as a “hog gun” here in SE Texas but Mrs Papa72 seems to be catching on, so took a month to slowly source the parts for this one.
Very cool. What kind of rear sight is that? I have a sxs slug gun and I'd love to add a back peep to the rib.
Does the extractor pull the complete barrels when opened?

The rear sight assembly is from TruGlo and IIRC is their “turkey special”. Had to cut the two front wing hold down plates off but it’s aluminum so quick work.
Yes, the insert pulls back with the extractor & is held in place front and rear with O rings. Can put up to 3 rings on the muzzle end but it’s pretty tight with 1.
Range report to follow!
The Chaszel instructions state that the user can grind that portion of the insert’s rim that contacts the extractor if the user wants the insert barrels to remain stationary, yet still removable. Also, the user is advised to rotate the inserts to obtain best POI then index the barrel and insert.
The rear sight is a TruGlo True Bead Turkey Universal Dual Color.
Are you going to follow the advice given on their website and fire the gun from a vice or just go for it?

I've wanted to try their 300 blackout inserts in my 20 ga but they've been out of stock forever?
No vise. I will only shoot 405 gr Winchester Cowboy Action loads @1150fps since I have many from my CAS days. That is certainly smart advice and I will follow it later should I decide to bump up to stronger loads. I read a review on another forum from a guy that claimed he intentionally tried to destroy a Chaszel .45-70 insert by reaming it to .45-90 and firing hot loads. He eventually did, but claims it took some really insane pressures to do it. Each one of these barrels is 27oz (24”) so they’re not dainty by any means.
I’m 30 miles east of Houston, Canebrake. I’ve spent many years in these piney woods and never owned a scope until I began to travel for hunting in the 70’s.
I see Chaszel does custom inserts, will they 375H&H insert, or is that too much for the gun
I’m not sure, bashaw. You can call or email Chad about the .375. He’s a very helpful guy. There appears to be plenty metal around this .458 cal bore so I wouldn’t think that would be a limiting factor. If your shotgun has a 3” magnum chamber should be GTG?
Thanks, Kevin. My main takeaway from IvW’s PMD post was how impressive his 12ga proved with the standard 2-3/4” Brenneke slugs in Africa, so that was my focus here. I have fired many Foster slugs but never heard of the Brenneke. I also accomplished my 9.5# weight goal with the .45-70 inserts which will give me some practical experience simulation of a “real” DR before I spend my kid’s inheritance.

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