Alaskan Goat Hunt, Prince William Sound

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    Get ready to set sail out of Valdez Harbor on a quest for an Alaskan Rocky Mountain Goat. You will spend the next 7 days living off a 50ft yacht that will be your home away from home. While on the yacht you will enjoy home cooked meals, warm showers, cozy beds, and TV. All spotting is done from skiffs to allow for the maximum coverage of the area. While out in the skiffs you will enjoy the abundance of sea life Alaska has to offer like seals, otters, walrus, whales, and many native birds. Once you decide on the goat you are going to take, you gather your gear and start our stalk up the mountain. The climb up the mountain will challenge you to your max, but by spotting your goat ahead of time, you know where he will be once we reach the top! After our clients take his or her goat, outfitter will clean the animal and head back to the yacht for a nice warm meal and shower. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting around a group of hunters replaying the stories from that day's adventure. If you haven't killed that amazing Mountain Goat that has been on your bucket list, now is the time to do so! Come join our outfitter in Prince William Sound for our 7 Day fully guided hunt.


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