9.3x64mm Brenneke

Discussion in 'Up To .375' started by PaulT, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I just read through this thread as I grew up with 9.3 guns ( which were the big boy's toys), so my 1st 9.3 was a custom 9.3x62 built on a DWM Berlin action. I was always turned off by the lack of available 9.3x64 brass although I wanted one badly so I began wondering about a 9.3 wildcat based on the 375 Ruger, which I then had realized 3 years ago. Reamer came from PTG and dies from Hornady. An initial test rifle built on a Browning Abolt 3 performed well so last year I had my local gunsmith built a CRF rifle on a FN Mauser/Browning. Forming brass is a one step thing. I have shot deer with very light monometals ( 155 gr flying at 3550 fps), the FN is currently loaded with 250 gr Nosler AB at 2860 fps ( slightly faster than the fastest 9.3x64 loads but there is also 12 gr more water -capacity in the case) and is awaiting this years moose or elk.
    side note: the monometals ( MJG, Germany) have, from the 9.3x63 taken moose, black bear and deer without much ado, but for pure lung shots they sometime take a while to put the animal down, thus the switch back to lead.
    So,to not hijack the thread: fast 9.3s are a wonderful alround gun!

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    It's really encouraging to see the interest in this cartridge.
    I though I might be a bit weird when I had mine built, apparently not.

    Some great info being posted, thanks all, lets all keep the 64mm alive.

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