7mm/.284" Projectiles

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May 9, 2019
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7mm/.284" projectiles for sale $10 and up. PM if you have any questions or call me at [redacted].


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How much for the 140 grain Nosler Partitions?
I weep at being so far away.
Interested in 3 boxes of the hornady 139 gr BTSP shipped and
The 140 grain nosler boattails. Inquired on some of your .22 cal bullets as well if they can all ship together in a flat rate box
I’m interested in the Barnes 223 50 g and some of the nosler 160 partitions please pm me a price.also interested in some of the 6mm nosler partitions 100 and 95
Where are you located and prices?

Interested in the 150 Noslers and Sierras.
@Esoteric Junkie, As per the posting guidelines: For sale threads must have a price listed. Thank you for respecting the rules of our community, Jerome
Has anyone heard back from this seller? I pm'd on some bullets but havent heard back.
I got a response to my pm on the .358 bullets. But then that post (offering .338 & .358) disappeared. No clue whats going on, but i passed.

I got a response yesterday from the OP regarding my interest in the 6mm, 25 cal, 270 cal, and 7mm bullets (my interest was in the Nosler Partitions for the most part). He stated that his asking price was what Midway charges, without the sales tax (plus shipping). In my case, as it turns out, I discovered that I actually had most of these bullets already on hand from a box that I got from my dad; so I no longer need to buy any.
I dont have a good feeling about this, will pass on it.

Good call. There were a couple of post on Swaro scopes for sale, at a very low price. I'm with you, I don't have good vibes on this at all.
He has enough stuff for sale to open up a modest gun shop!

It may all be legit, but when sellers dont reply to PM's, they can keep their stuff.
No need to be so quick with your assumptions. Unlike some, I work a full time day job and can only spend the evenings attending to messages.

FYI, the Swaro scopes sold (pending funds) almost immediately. I have replied to all PM's that I am aware. It is possible I may have missed one or two given the volume of PM's, however I will go through them one by one again.

I have been selling a lot of stuff and doing my best to keep up with PM's and text messages, however there have been a LOT of inbound messages.

I think Jerome deleted the 358 bullet thread due to comments.

I asked a question on the 25 bullets post, and have not received a reply.

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just posted an Buffalo and sable package on the deals page, please have look!

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