7 Day Bow Hunt

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    7 Day Bow Hunt for two hunters. Hunt one on one 7 full days, This hunt is for 2010 only. Daily rate for both hunters and 7 days hunting $ 3000.00 regular price $ 4200.00. This is a bow hunting area only, 4500 acres big.

    All food, accommodations, soft drinks, daily laundry, all the transportation from the airport in Johannesburg to the hunting area and back, Field preparation of all trophies taken, government tax, trophy transportation to taxidermy.

    Not included
    Any trophies, beer, wine and liquor, Exportation of trophies, gratuities to personal and camp staff.

    Trophy fees for this hunt only
    Blesbuck $ 290.00
    Impala $ 320.00
    Blue wildebeest $ 750.00
    Kudu $ 1200.00
    Black wildebeest $ 690.00
    Springbuck $ 290.00
    Warthog $ 300.00
    Gemsbuck $ 950.00
    Duiker $ 300.00
    Tessebe $ 2000.00
    Eland $ 2000.00
    Zebra $ 1200.00
    Jackal Free

    Contact us for more info regarding this special offer.

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