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Mar 17, 2023
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I've got a Brno ZKK 602 in 458 Lott with a custom 5/8x24 threaded muzzle and brake installed. I really prefer using a brake since I regularly wear in-ear electronic ear pro when both shooting and hunting and am generally baffled by the muzzle brake hatred around here (I'm not interested in a muzzle brake debate, so don't even start), but I'm willing to give it a go without a brake for the sake of harmony with my PH (who doesn't claim hate them nearly as much as many PHs). Anyway, since suppressors have recently gone from being a 10-month waiting ordeal to a matter of a few weeks here un the US, I figured it might be worth looking into getting a suppressor and trying that route.

Obviously, I'm looking for the lightest and shortest can I can get, but ones capable of mounting on a 458 are generally not going to be either. When I inquired with my dealer, Capitol Armory, they recommended the Silencerco Hybrid 46DT, which is only about $600. There's also the Griffin Bushwhacker 46, but this one is heavier, longer, and more expensive than the Silencerco at $900. Rex Silentium also apparently makes a 45 rifle can, but its a very basic sealed can that's quite big and heavy and they say they don't recommend it for really anything.

In any case, NONE of these are explicitly rated for something like a full house 458 Lott DG load, despite what the dealer claims. I'm wondering if anyone here has any real world experience with any suppressor on a 458 Lott/Win Mag, 460 Weatherby, 450 Rigby etc. rifle, and what can they used and whether it was a direct thread or using some sort of mounting adapter.
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J sipp builds custom ones for the 458 for about 1k. Built me one for my 416.
See jpg.
I have the Hybrid 46M which is rated to 460 WBY. I use it on every caliber from 375 H&H to 458WM.

There any particular advantage of the Hybrid 46M (modular) over the Hybrid 46DT that you're aware of?
The 46M is modular with a different mounting system than the Hybrid 46. DT is Direct Threat and the M is modular.
Sure, but is there a good reason why I would want the Hybrid 46M ($1000) over the Hybrid 46DT ($600)?

Yep, just modular vs non modular. I seem to leave all my modular cans in one configuration so I’m over that fad at this point.
Sure, but is there a good reason why I would want the Hybrid 46M ($1000) over the Hybrid 46DT ($600)?
Mainly for use as quick change on multiple rifles. If you are doing direct thread only for 458 then probably not. I use the direct thread for both my large bores.

Also, I use a shorter barrels on suppressed rifles especially big bores.
I have a Rex Silentium MG7 with a .458 bore, but I don't own a .458 rifle. It mostly gets used on my .375 Ruger. It's not especially quiet since it's so small, but it definitely reduces the noise and blast substantially. It's pretty light for a big bore stainless steel can; all the other options I'm aware of are bigger and heavier, but also probably quieter.

Great deals can be had on them. I ordered mine from Hansohn Brothers. At the time they had 30% off using the coupon code REX30; IIRC, it was about $350 before the stamp. Not sure if they're still doing that.
I am waiting for the stamp for a Hybrid 46DT. I emailed Silencerco and asked them about 458 Win Mag since it isn't explicitly stated in the specs. They replied quickly and said that 20" was minimum barrel length for 458 WM through the Hybrid 46DT. I am looking forward to shooting it once the can gets approved.

Dead Air has the Primal, which should also be suitable.

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