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Aug 4, 2018
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Not sure if your above was for my benefit but can tell you I have used Swift A Frames on cape B, in a 458 Lott and a 416 Rem. Love love love “em”. Have also used 200 gr Aframes in a 300 Wby on an Eland.[out for a walk and it was what we had with us] second eland 375 with 300 gr Partitions.
However that was 20 years ago and when I look at the North Fork or Rhinos technology of construction I like it.
Started using Nosler Partitions in the late 1960s and felt they were a definite improvement, and will still use them for cats [all cats anywhere}, but when Aframes became available switched for most hunting. Disappointed for years that Swift did not provide a solid but that to is in the past.
My support is not in lack of faith for Aframes but based on the belief that the new NF or Rhino bullet may have advantages as the Aframes have over the Partitions
A Frames are one great bullet.


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Sep 10, 2016
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The only problem with using a bullet that will pass all the way through on Cape buffalo on the initial shot(no matter how good they are) is that you will be limiting yourself on the shots you can take.

You will not be able to take a shot if there is a possibility of another buffalo behind the one you want to shoot.

This can be very frustrating in a herd situation and after you have spent hrs and quite often day's tracking and hunting for your buffalo.

A premium grade bullet, that penetrates in a straight line and ends up under the skin on the opposite side is my choice.

Good point and it was considered before I took the shot. He was an old dagga boy standing alone out in the open. I had no idea the bullet could or would go clear through a buff--if, in fact, it did. That seemed to be the consensus with my PH, the other PH and the outfitter. The skinners went through every bit of him and didn't find the bullet.

I'm going back to Africa next April for eland with the same round so we'll see what happens on another big fella. After the buff I'm curious to see if that was a fluke or whether that bullet really can do that. Hopefully, I can recover the bullet.
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