.357 Magnum for bear defense

A major problem with the spray is that people fail to read the instructions on the can.

You should give it a good shake once in a while or it will settle onto the bottom of the can, and while you will get something out of the nozzle it won't be the full effect.

I also agree on being able to hit the brain. It is a lot like trying to hit a tennis ball that is bouncing down the road while you are messing your pants.
I just got back from the range, so far I’m loving my 460 :)
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6 shot Ruger Alaskan 454 Casull. Shoots well, plenty of stopping power, very controllable and heavy enough to double as a boat anchor if needed.
I pack a S&W 329pd 44 magnum about 80% of the time. It is a great revolver and so light you forget you are wearing it. Diamond D leather in Alaska makes what may be the most useful holster I have ever used. Regardless of what you are doing, the gun is never in the way yet always quickly accessible.
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Good luck on your search,
My son has one highly recommended thanks for making my post simpler!
I take a .475 Linebaugh on the salmon streams.
But it's fun to hear why I'm wrong.
I'm just a guy, but I don't want to carry anything that's going to cause my ears to meet in the middle of my head.

I'm at work right now and the other day a fellow said he needed a hammer. So out came my hammer. He remarked that it was a small hammer and that he preferred a bigger one. I invited him to walk and go get one. He found my hammer sufficient for the task in an instant.

Obviously I prefer a bigger hammer too, but I can't carry it around endlessly waiting to use it. I take a similar approach to most things.

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Certainly better then nothing, but bear spray (as previously stated) is very good, but couple that with a new revolver in 44 magnum. It's a good excuse for another gun.
Not a fan of bear spray for a bunch of reasons

1. I don't train with it.
2. Wind direction is an issue
3. I've heard it's not always effective.

When I'm out in the national forest I carry my Springfield V16 in 45 Super. Buffalo Bored 255g hardcast at 1100 fps (chrono'd) out of it's six inch barrel. It's lighter and thinner than a big revolver and hits about as hard as a 41 Mag revolver with facotry ammo. I shoot it well and have killed more than few bears up close and personal with my 270 and 375 Weatherby. I'd rather not shoot one if I didn't have to though.

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