1. D

    SOUTH AFRICA: DE KLERK SAFARIS Review - South Africa 2021

    I came across De Klerk Safaris through a lioness hunt offer here on ah.com and gave Hans a ring via What's App about two months ago. I wrapped up a four day safari with he and his team last week and I can't wait to get back to his lodge. Hans and his wife Marie picked me up in Johannesburg and...
  2. Wihan

    Bowhunting a GIANT Kudu Bull!! The grey ghost of Africa

    My dad hunts his very first Kudu bull with the bow! I am so proud of him! It was a giant one as well
  3. Kudu Hunting

    Kudu Hunting

    South Africa plains game safari off to a great start
  4. East African Greater Kudu

    East African Greater Kudu

    East African Greater Kudu, with 2 fine trackers.

    Kudu Hunting Focus With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH community, We trust you are all doing great and looking forward to all the adventures you hopefully have planned for this year! We cant wait to get going over here in South Africa and look forward to seeing you all again! Today we have a phenomenal offer on the cards for anyone...
  6. Greater Kudu

    Greater Kudu

    Life Size Greater Kudu
  7. Kudu


  8. bar/critter crib finally done

    bar/critter crib finally done

    I really don't know why this one uploaded sideways. Grrr
  9. J

    The hides

    Received my hides back today in the form of Gemsbok and Kudu throw pillows along with Waterbok seats. No idea what to do with hides from the next safari as I think my wife's patience is wearing thin.
  10. J

    2019 Taxidermy arrived

    Finally got the taxidermy from my first safari, which was last June in the Northern Cape. Given the limitations of my house, particularly ceiling height, and budget, I went 100% European mount, along with flat skins. I'm headed back in 2021, not sure what the plan will be on the taxidermy front...
  11. Chris M.

    NAMIBIA: Etosha View Hunting Review 2018 & 2019

    With the recent 2020 SCI-sponsored, Calgary International Hunting Expo and with my son and I leaving for two weeks of hunting in South Africa in two days time, hunting in Africa is foremost on my mind. Before the new adventures begin, however, I thought it would be prudent to look back on...

    Best Of The Best Hunting Package - Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Kudu & Nyala US$20,000

    BEST OF THE BEST PACKAGE DEAL 2 of these available for 2020 $20 000 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 sable bull - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull - 1 nyala bull can be done with bow or rifle The...
  13. A

    SOUTH AFRICA: Witfontein / Matsawni Safari 4 Animal Plains Game Hunt In Limpopo July 2019

    One of my two giant Impalas both taken on the same day. Hi, first time posting but have been a fan of this site for years. This might be long winded but I enjoy when others post detailed stories so, I feel is it my obligation to do the same. Skip down to the end if you want some pros and cons...
  14. singleshot

    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Safari

    My First African Safari, eight days for seven animals with Nick Bowker African Hunting Safari. Eastern Cape, South Africa. info@nickbowkerhunting.com I am posting this for a new member: Clinton Blake from Wyoming. An African Safari, the stories of vast lands, and the variety of many...
  15. Wihan

    Hunting a GIANT kudu bull and other amazing plains game animals in Africa!

    Rifle hunting a GIANT Kudu bull and other plains game in Africa. Spot and stalking these animals really proved a challenge, but we prevailed in the end!
  16. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Hippo & Plains Game Hunt In Caprivi Namibia 10 Days 2019

    The Caprivi Strip is a land of mighty rivers and extraordinary herds of big and plains game. We have exclusive and approved access to hunt in different Caprivi concessions from a main central camp. You will be supported by trained staff that attend to your accommodation and hunting needs...
  17. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Greetings from Namibia - Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Hi all, My name is Louw Lotter. I would like to tell you more about our operation in Namibia. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris is a family-run operation dedicated to providing a small number of clients with an unequaled opportunity to hunt Africa's great game. With a variety of areas available in...

    Spiral Horned Hunting Package 2019/2020

    HUNTHOEK HUNTING SAFARIS We are proud to offer you the following Spiral Horned Package for 2019/2020! 4 Trophy Animals included: 1 x Kudu 1 x Nyala 1 x Cape Bushbuck 1 x Cape Eland You’ll have 7 full hunting days and 8 nights’ accommodation at our luxurious Huntshoek lodge on the banks of the...

    Specialized Hunting Package 2019/2020

    HUNTHOEK HUNTING SAFARIS We are proud to offer you the following Specialize Package for 2019/2020! 6 Trophy Animals included: 1 x Nyala 1 x Kudu 1 x Impala 1 x Cape Hartebeest 1 x Warthog 1 x Zebra You’ll have 7 full hunting days and 8 nights’ accommodation at our luxurious Huntshoek lodge on...
  20. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Kudu, Bushbuck, Nyala & Waterbuck Hunt 2019/2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have secured some new hunting areas that will be used as a secondary base camp. We simply felt that in order to get better, and consistently offer better quality on our animals, we simply had to expand our horizons. The package includes 7 full days of hunting...

    Plains Game Hunting Package 2019/2020

    HUNTHOEK HUNTING SAFARIS We are proud to offer you the following Plains Game Package for 2019/2020! 5 Trophy Animals included: 1 x Blue Wildebeest 1 x East Cape Kudu 1 x Impala 1 x Common Blesbuck 1 x Warthog You’ll have 7 full hunting days and 8 nights’ accommodation at our luxurious...
  22. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Browser Vs Grazer Hunting Package 2019 & 2020

    We would like to present you with a package that will give you a mixture of hunting styles, namely hunting a few of the popular browser feeders vs hunting a few grazers. The package includes 7 full days of hunting, including the 6 listed animals . 8 Nights with 7 Full Hunting Days for 1 Hunter...
  23. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Africa Introductory Hunting Package 2019 & 2020

    Here is a package for most first time Africa hunters who wish to get their feet wet on some of the most sought after animals that Africa has to offer. It is a mixture between browser feeders and grazers, and will cover most of the different terrain that the Eastern Cape has to offer from some...
  24. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Hunt Offer Spiral Horn Slam 2019 & 2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have secured some new hunting areas that will be used as a secondary base camp. We simply felt that in order to get better, and consistently offer better quality on our animals, we simply had to expand our horizons. We will only offer two of the following...
  25. Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Kudu

    Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Kudu

    Kudu. Nhacainga Conservancy, Coutada 9. October 2018.
  26. Thomasrey

    Bowhunting Kudu, Oryx, Wildebeest, Warthog, Impala, Chacal in Botswana

    Here are the videos of my bowhunting trip in Botswana at Bokamoso Safari.
  27. Thomasrey

    BOTSWANA: BOWHUNT: Bokamoso Safari Bowhunting Paradise

    Just returned from a 7 days hunting trip from Bokamoso Safari in Botswana. I was there with my father Thierry, my brother in law Julien and a friend from France Marcel. I was going to bow-hunt for 7 days while the others will be hunting with riffles. Marcel brought his bow as he was keen to...
  28. A

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With KMG Safaris

    My wife and I ventured to the eastern cape of South Africa for our first African hunting experience in early June with KMG Safaris. When we arrived in Port Elizabeth, our PH Marius picked us up and started heading for the lodge. We stopped outside of Grahamstown for a quick bite then headed to...
  29. Bob O

    We had a great hunt last month in Limpopo S.A.

    Hi, my name is Bob and I just had the pleasure of hunting in South Africa earlier this month. My wife and I had a wonderful time and the hunting was an excellent experience. I have hunted since I was a boy in Nevada, Utah and Arizona for black bear, elk, deer, rabbits, etc. So going to...
  30. KMG Hunting Safaris

    KMG Hunting Safaris 2018 Season...

    25 1/4" Impala The Coup de Grace was very impressive.

    Namibia Top 10 With Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris AH Special

    Hunting in Africa Namibia Always a amazing experience. Hunting in Namibia. Discover the country and learn about the animal fauna in hunting or at an exciting safari to know. Come alone, with your friends or with your whole family. Just visit our feedback page of the former hunting guests...
  32. JOHunts

    Thanks for your help on a great 1st safari

    Thank you to AH and all those who contribute. You were a great resource in planning my first Safari in South Africa. Thought you might like to see some photos. Had a great experience with Eland Safaris. Can't wait for my next. Nyala. Spiral 28.5", Green score 68 SCI: Silver Blue Wildebeest...
  33. wesheltonj

    Chasse Internationales

    My photo is the short fat guy (according to my wife) with the Kudu.
  34. zippy21

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Limcroma Safaris Full Report March 2017

    I just wrapped up my hunt with Limcroma. The process, starting with booking through Dan Leahy to the completion of my hunt, could not have gone smoother. From logistics, lodging, meals, and of course the actual hunt, everything far exceeded our expectations. The trophies can speak for...
  35. J

    WANTED: Affordable Plains Game Hunt Package Deal Spring 2018

    I am going to be in Cape Town for a college internship during March-April of 2018 and was interested in hunting some plains game while I am there. Since I am a student, my budget is pretty tight, but I would really like to do some hunting while I am in Africa. I am interested in hunting kudu...
  36. Umlilo Safaris

    Special Hunt Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Black Springbuck & Duiker US$3,500

    6 Nights/5 Full Hunting Days. All Inclusive in price $3500 Hunting in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Please visit our website for all photos or view our latest DVD Feel free to contact me via PM or send me an email for full details
  37. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Nyala, Kudu & Bushbuck Hunting Package 2017

    We are offering the following hunt package for 2017. Observers are welcome to join at $120 per night. Extra hunter may join and hunt 2x1, at $200 per night. Should you wish to swap out any of the animals, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us, and we will be happy to do substitutions...
  38. Isabelle

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting In The Eastern Cape With Kingsview Safaris

    This June, I spent several days hunting in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. My hosts - a lovely married couple, and two of my newest friends - were Jono and Justine of Kingsview Safaris. I stayed with Jono and Justine in a concession on Nyala Ridge where they have exclusive hunting rights. The...
  39. A

    Ram & Kudu Horns Wanted

    I am looking for ram horns, as many as you have. I am also looking for kudu horns. Any sizes As many as possible, if you have please email me the quantity available, sizes and price. adamorelbenhayun@gmail.com Kind Regards Adam
  40. Jacques.strauss

    The Greater Kudu

    Dear AH.com Hunting Buddies I am a worried man about our Greater Kudu populations here in Namibia... Majorly because most farmers/ranchers that I talked to throughout Namibia said that their Greater Kudu populations aren't the same anymore. They are decreasing in number slowly but surely over...
  41. Jacques.strauss

    Kowas Hunting Safaris 2016 Hunting Season

    Dear Friends I thought I would take the time to let you know how our 2016 hunting season at Kowas Hunting Safaris is doing so far. We are situated 140km south-east of Namibia's capital city Windhoek. The rainy season hasn't treated us that well this season, but we are glad that we have grass...
  42. caddman

    Long wait is over!

    Well the day finally arrived, the taxidermy from my first African hunt has arrived. After a long day's drive south to the US border, a little paperwork, and g&s tax my trophies were finally headed home. Now to figure out how to best display Matt Kaprauns fine work. Matt has All-American...
  43. Mpotshane Safaris

    Hello from Mpotshane Safaris of the Eastern Cape of South Africa

    Hello all Andrew and Laura Brill here from Komga South Africa (Eastern Cape) We are thrilled to be allowed membership into this great forum that we have heard so much about. We look forward to spending time here and hope that you can find it in in your hearts to welcome some new guest.
  44. O

    SOUTH AFRICA: Game4Africa Hunt Report

    Prelude Having booked some cull hunting for June 2015 I spotted http://www.game4africa.co.za/ offer for cull warthog ! I had the time free - a couple of quick emails to Wikus and everything booked ....... my first Piggie hunt 10 cull warthog included ! The Pickup I was staying in...
  45. gpelkhunter

    NAMIBIA: Hunting Trip With Christie's Adventures

    Day 1, Oct 6, 2015: Finally in Namibia. 40 hours after leaving Grande Prairie, the plane touches down in Windhoek. It's 6 am local time and the daylight is just starting to show the landscape. Low brush that is mostly brown with almost no leaves, covers the flat Savannah area, it is the end of...
  46. Dave's Kudu

    Dave's Kudu

    The third animal of our safari. We got some great videos of the kudu coming in, then our PH got soooo excited that he turned the camera off instead of on. We got a great video of my husband's Cabelas socks. He dropped at about 75 yards and got to see the African tracker find the prints in the...
  47. Son and wife with his Kudu

    Son and wife with his Kudu

  48. Kudu


    54 1/4 inch Kudu Bull taken April 2013 with AfricanSky
  49. Cape Kudu, PH Lammie

    Cape Kudu, PH Lammie

  50. Cape Kudu, PH Lammie

    Cape Kudu, PH Lammie