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    Greatly Discounted Mozambique Buffalo Hunt For 2020! Act Now To Secure This Rare Opportunity!

    Good day AH community! Due to Covid there is a extremely rare opportunity to book a hunt in one of Mozambique's finest hunting areas that as of the end of the 2019 season was fully booked all the way up to 2023! You will be hunting huge free range buff in an area that has been leading a huge...
  2. AnakKampuang

    Gaur Bison Hunting In South Africa

    Gaur bison Bos Gaurus the largest of the bovine species, native to South and Southeast Asia. Reading stories and tales about Hunting this majestic creatures in the old shikar days of India, written here on AH by @Major Khan ,and @Kawshik Rahman made me fascinated with these great Bovine's...
  3. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard hunt with Bullet Safaris - close up cat footage

    we use trail cameras extensively for scouting - all phases of scouting. Then for assessing age and trophy quality. Then we use them to time the cat we want... After that I tend to play around with the cameras to get interesting footage like this!
  4. Tom Hawk

    The Double Barrel, Bolt Action Rifle The Double-Barrel, Bolt Action Rifle The motivation for the man who designed it? Being charged by three elephants simultaneously. By David Maccar January 24, 2017 The motivation for the man who designed it? Being charged by three...
  5. Rosch

    Big Bore Bullet Making Business For Sale

    Dear Hunters, dear shooters, in the 90-ties I was living some years in Southern Africa and was a big friend of african hunting. In those years I got hocked up on Big Game hunting, guns and all sort of Big Bore and historic ammunition. Back to Europe I loaded and shot all sort of Big Bores, all...
  6. H

    About the meat from a safari...

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and to hunting outside of the normal deer population in Massachusetts. I was wondering about Africa and the amazing hunting safari's a few friends have talked about going on in the next 5 years or so. I'm a hunt for food kind of person, and love eating "exotic"...
  7. J

    Rare Book Collection Big Game Hunting For Sale

    Sale: 600 First Edition books that range from the Anglo Boer war to Big Game Hunting. Authors include Theodore Roosevelt, FC Selous and Dr. L Potgieter Valued at USD100 000

    SOUTH AFRICA: RIFLE: BOWHUNT: Great Experience With Family Hunting Safaris Eastern Cape

    Hello everybody!! Let me introduce myself because this is my first hunting report in this web page. I am a big and small game hunter from Spain that loves Africa. I have visited Africa three times with this company, and I have practiced all types of hunting: small game, big game, bow hunting...
  9. jand

    Hippo Hunt In Game Reserve South Africa $6,800

    AH Members , I have a few Hippo hunts available on quota in a Game Reserve in South Africa. Included in the price : 6 hunting days , 7 nights Trophy fee for one Hippo...