Gaur Bison Hunting In South Africa

Aug 13, 2020
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Namibia, and Burkina Faso
Gaur bison Bos Gaurus the largest of the bovine species, native to South and Southeast Asia.

Reading stories and tales about Hunting this majestic creatures in the old shikar days of India, written here on AH by @Major Khan ,and @Kawshik Rahman made me fascinated with these great Bovine's, unfortunately India has banned any and all form of hunting since 1972.
But are there still places that you can hunt these majestic creatures !? other than in there native land India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar(Burma), etc..

I know there is a couple ranches in texas and one ranch in Nebraska that breed these gaur bison, but sadly they aren't huntable under US Fish and Wildlife laws, so practically anybody can own these Gaur Bison as a pet/really cool lawn ornament but just not for hunting, but imagine how much bigger the Gaur population would be in the US if it was legal to hunt...

while doing some research on Gaur Bison hunting i stumble across some pictures and images of Gaur that were hunted on private property's in South Africa.

here is an image of a Bos Gaurus hunted in South Africa by (Side by side Safaris)


This second image was a Gaur hunted with Wintershoek in 2012


But other that some of this images there is very limeted information on hunting these Gaur's in SA. what is their population in SA?, where in SA?, who offers Gaur Bison hunts in SA?, are these Gaur's still huntable? and many more questions about these giant Bovine's existence in South Africa.

If any AH members have information about these great bovine's in RSA please feel free to share :)



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Jun 17, 2009
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IIRC, there were recent ads for hunting those beasts on at least two different exotic ranches in Texas.
The price was such that I did not research further, but it was interesting.
As you may know, there is at least one Texas ranch with a huntable herd of Cape buffalo - not cheap, but convenient these days. Also, even the Texas PWD features hunting exotic critters on some properties; like
the Powderhorn WMA with Axis, Sambar, and Whitetail deer. Plus lots of Nilgai hunting available on many ranches.

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