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    ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS is a Namibian company, based in the Zambezi region (formerly known as the Caprivi Strip) of Namibia, from where we operate one of very few companies that actually specializes in hunting dangerous game. Namibia is considered one of the most stable African countries, and is...


  3. Animal Artistry

    In Wildlife Art, There's No Substitute for Actually Being There

    At a very early age, I began to travel the world to hunt big game. In spite of the criticism from family and adults in my life who felt that my behavior was irresponsible and would cost me as I got older in terms of education and buying a home, I persisted. I traveled the world, hunting from the...
  4. Animal Artistry

    Big Game Animals — A Tragic Casualty Of The Coronavirus

    Last week, CNN published an article about the safari industry and the unique hardships it faces in light of the global pandemic. It’s a comprehensive overview that addresses logistics and financial worries, but the part that stood out to me was a comment about poaching. It may seem...

    Bull Elephant Hunt In South Africa 2020 With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Good day AH community, We hope you are all doing great and for those of you coming out to Africa shortly that the excitement is mounting! We hope that those of you looking for an affordable elephant hunt find this offer to be of interest! This is a great and also rare...

    2020 Trophy Pictures - Hunting Africa and the rest of the world - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Hello to all our fellow hunters, Our 2020 big game hunting season kicked of with a bang in Africa, we had a great couple of days out in our large hunting concession in the Kalahari. 2 Magnificent Sable Bulls (45.5" and 46") After 2 days of tracking finding a good number of 40" to 42" bulls...
  7. Ancient Buff Hunt with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Ancient Buff Hunt with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Come along with us as we take you on a hunt for 15 year old dugga boy with Bayly Sippel Safaris and our very lucky client and friend! Thank you once again to Brandon Isaac for the magic he continues to produce, surely one of the up and coming greats. Go on over and give his page and channel...
  8. H

    About the meat from a safari...

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and to hunting outside of the normal deer population in Massachusetts. I was wondering about Africa and the amazing hunting safari's a few friends have talked about going on in the next 5 years or so. I'm a hunt for food kind of person, and love eating "exotic"...
  9. Ricardo Manuel Varela Alvarez


    I'm new here. Happy to help with any advise regarding with taxidermy, dip and ship, bleaching, caping, etc.
  10. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard hunt- we got another one!

    Hi everyone - here is another of our 2015 leopard kills. Broad daylight - Tanzania - Huge Cat. We also had a nice lion on this same bait. This hunt cost $24,750 for leopard sable roan and buffalo (no trophy fees or travel included).