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ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS is a Namibian company, based in the Zambezi region (formerly known as the Caprivi Strip) of Namibia, from where we operate one of very few companies that actually specializes in hunting dangerous game. Namibia is considered one of the most stable African countries, and is an absolute hunters’ paradise. Namibia has a wide variety of habitats, making it one of the most diverse countries in Africa. The region where we are based is mostly a dangerous game region.

ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS is fully owned and operated by highly experienced professional hunter, Karl Stumpfe, who is assisted by dangerous game PH's Fred Bezuidenhout and Divan Labuschagne. As we hunt mostly from our own very well appointed and comfortable camps, situated on one of the four concessions we currently operate in the region, you can always be assured of an extremely high standard.

Our areas are Bwabwata East concession (Park area) as well as Sobbe, Balyerwa and Sikunga communal conservancies. To cater for additional quota outside of what we can offer in these 4 areas, or for the specific needs of a client, we also offer hunts in other Caprivi and Kavango conservancies, as well as in Damaraland and Kaokoland conservancies in the North-Western region of Namibia, and on private ranch land in both Namibia and South Africa.

This puts us in the unique position to offer the discerning hunter totally free-range areas for dangerous game hunting (which includes elephant trophies that are exportable to the USA) in Namibia.

Come hunt with us to make your dream hunt a reality!

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A look at our hunting camps

Sobbe Conservancy
Sobbe Conservancy consists mostly of Mopane woodlands, with a belt of Camel thorn and cluster-leafed Terminalia running through it. It is a dry area, and thus should be hunted in the wetter months for elephant and buffalo. It holds good numbers of plains game species like roan, sable, zebra, kudu and eland. Accommodation is in a recently revamped camp, consisting of bungalows with canvas and reed walls and thatched roofs. We can provide accommodation for up to 6 guests at a time, of which a maximum of 4 can be hunters. We prefer not to have more than 4 hunters at any given time in camp, and then only if they booked together, to try and ensure that each hunting group maintains exclusivity.

As it is a communal conservancy, there are villages in the Northern part of the concession, but none in the core hunting area. Best time to hunt elephant in this area is February to early July and the last 2 weeks of November, and best time for buffalo is February to May and end November again, with plains game and leopard best hunted May to November. This area has a very healthy roan population, and may be the best roan hunting area we have available at the moment.








Sikunga Conservancy
Sikunga Conservancy is home to our base camp, where we also offer fishing excursions on the Zambezi river to hunters who finish their hunt early, or want to book a couple of leisure days before or after their safari. This camp is on the bank of a side channel of the Zambezi River, which also forms the North-Eastern border of the concession, and the international border between Namibia and Zambia. This camp consists of brick and mortar bungalows with thatched roofs, and can accommodate up to 12 guests of which a maximum of 4 can be hunters. We prefer not to have more than 4 hunters in camp at any given time, and then only if they booked together, to try and ensure that each hunting group maintains exclusivity.







Bwabwata East
Bwabwata National Park is a relatively newly proclaimed park, in what is known as the Kavango and Zambezi regions of Namibia (formerly known as the Caprivi Strip). There are two hunting areas in the park, both approximately 275 000 ha (670 000 acres) in size. The Eastern hunting block is known as the Kwando Core area, or Bwabwata East, while the Western block is known as the Buffalo core area, or Bwabwata West.

Ndumo Safaris is in the fortunate position to have been awarded the Eastern hunting block of this much-coveted Park, and thus can offer exceptional elephant, buffalo or leopard safaris from our well-appointed safari camp on the banks of the Kwando river. The camp is built on wooden platforms, with canvas and reed walls and thatched roofs. All rooms have a view onto the Kwando river. We can provide accommodation for up to 10 guests at a time, of which a maximum of 6 can be hunters. However, we prefer not to have more than 4 hunters at any given time in camp, and as such only if they booked together, to try and ensure that each hunting group maintains exclusivity.

This concession is home to some of the best elephant, buffalo, leopard and plains game populations left in Africa, with a very small hunting quota, ensuring exceptional trophy quality. In fact, it is possible to find 60 plus pound elephant and 42 inch and bigger buffalo. Personally, we try and hunt old, past productive animals, and thus do not have a sliding scale on size. Due to the exclusivity, the range of animals available, and the total hunting experience, this area is more expensive to hunt.

The Park extends from the Kavango River in the West, to the Kwando River in the East, with Angola to the North and Botswana and the Okavango Delta to the South. The split between the East and West blocks is at the Kavango/ Zambezi provincial border. Bwabwata East is a hunting paradise, with the vegetation ranging from the swampy floodplains of the Kwando, to huge foresty areas which include Camel thorn, Leadwood, Teak, Mahogany and other large trees, as well as sections of cluster-leafed Terminalia. Hunting is good from April to November in this area.








Balyerwa Conservancy
This hunting area may be the best all-round buffalo and elephant conservancy in Namibia, being bordered by Mudumu National Park, Nkasa Rupara National Park and Botswana. As it borders the Linyanti swamps, a fair amount of fitness is required to hunt around half of the area. It holds good numbers of buffalo, elephant, cats, aquatic game and plains game. This area is best to hunt from late May to mid-November.






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One of the few true free-range operations hunting dangerous game. Excellent people!
Great guys. I hunted elephant with Fred and karl. I would not hesitate to hunt with them again.