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Mar 29, 2018
Jan 1, 2013
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South Central Kentucky
Operations Supervisor at UPS

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Wildside Outdoors

Male, from South Central Kentucky

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One can never fully understand until they have bowhunted lion................ Oct 5, 2015

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Mar 29, 2018
    1. Wildside Outdoors
      Wildside Outdoors
      One can never fully understand until they have bowhunted lion................
    2. woods1126
      5) skinning, quartering and freezing of your bear ready for your taxidermist
      6)fully guided, you are not dropped off at the site and picked up, the guide stays with you.
      7) all transportation, once you arrive in camp
      You just need to bring your food or eat at the dining hall, but that is expensive. $8.00 for basic breakfast!
      $1800 includes all above.
      Please call for more details
      Kevin Kayn 315-730-2199
    3. woods1126
      Hello Wildside,
      It would be much easier to explain over the phone. Basically here is what's included:
      1) 5 days 1x1 hunting
      2) arrival and departure days in camp
      3) all lodging in beautiful, fully equipped cabins on or near Lake Jim, in French, Lac a Jim. They have full kitchens w/ everything
      4) tags and license
    4. Wildside Outdoors
      Wildside Outdoors
      Patiently awaiting my head to head with Simba............
    5. KuduKiller
      Where about do you live in Kentucky? I live and work near Bowling Green. I do all my hunting in Gallatin County and Butler County.
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      2. KuduKiller
        My taxidermist here in the US sits on the board of SCI and knows someone pretty high up at SCI as well. Supposedly the ban is going to happen. I was going to take a femal next trip BUT I didn't want to take one and it get hung up over seas.
        Dec 28, 2014
      3. Wildside Outdoors
        Wildside Outdoors
        I haven't read it yet, but I will now. I am trying to hurry up and get one in before it happens. I'm scheduled for August, so we will see. I will read immediately after this post.
        Dec 28, 2014
      4. Wildside Outdoors
        Wildside Outdoors
        As for the CO's I know Zalla, not well though. I went to college with Boone and I've known their Captain Joe Mills all my life.
        Dec 28, 2014
    6. hayden unique adventures
      hayden unique adventures
      Hey mate yes I'm going soon can't wait ! How are you going !
      1. Wildside Outdoors likes this.
      2. Wildside Outdoors
        Wildside Outdoors
        I will be heading out on 8/2 and not coming back until 8/15.
        Jun 25, 2014
    7. Wildside Outdoors
      Wildside Outdoors
      About to be away from civilization.............. just a few more weeks.............
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  • About

    South Central Kentucky
    Operations Supervisor at UPS
    State/Province of residence:
    Country of residence:
    How did you find AfricaHunting.com?:
    Web search
    About You:
    I've hunted everything possible since I could first draw a bow.
    I am a:
    • Hunter
    • Fisherman
    • Taxidermist
    Member of:
    Have you hunted in Africa?:
    Number of times I have hunted in Africa:
    South Africa, Botswana, USA- AK, WY, UT, CO, TX, GA, FL, NC, TN, OH, IL, IN, MO, MI, and good ole KY.
    Species I have hunted in Africa:
    Eland, Kudu, Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Warthog, Steenbok, Sable, Lion, Blesbok, Waterbuck, Nyala, Bushbuck, Springbok, Jackal, Baboon, Leopard and Duiker
    My best African Trophy:
    My favorite from my first safari was my definitely my Eland! It was a hard won trophy and was definitely my best! My second Safari was my lion and sable
    My favorite African trophies:
    Lion, Sable, Eland
    My preferred weapon(s):
    My Longbow or my Compound
    What weapon(s) do you hunt with?:
    • Rifle
    • Bow
    • Shotgun
    • Muzzleloader
    • Other
    My preferred optic(s):
    Gear I cannot live without:
    My bow, everthing else is an asset, but my bow does the job.
    My best hunting tip:
    The P and P, Patience and Persistence. Through these two things, I have learned more about hunting and life in general, than through anything else.
    My other interests:
    Horseback riding, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, wildland fire fighter, ANYTHING OUTDOORS


    I'll keep my God, my Guns and you can keep the Change..........
    2016, the end of an ERROR
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