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    "New" Toy - Off Chassis Restoration - 1969 Toyoda Land Cruiser

    Red Leg, from a drivability standpoint it is certainly a step up from your trusty old Ford. But I can't help but think and say that it reminds me of a WWII Jeep in "Sunday go to Meeting Clothes."
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    Finally got one!

    Jduckhunter, you make it sound sooooo easy. Thanks for sharing.
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    New member from Dallas, TX

    t-rags, please add my name to the list of welcomers. With a 375 H&H already in hand you are well equipped for your first African hunt. For your second hunt however you may or may not want to pick up some heavier hardware, depending what is on the menu. Living in Dallas you will want to attend...
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    CZ 458 lott

    New CZ(s) are best described as "a work in progress, or "a diamond in the rough." If it feeds reliably, use it. All of the other stuff you mentioned can only help. My 404 Jeffery wouldn't feed the second or subsequent rounds and required a Gunsmith's services.
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    Finally got one!

    Congrats, both looked like good shots. .... "And now for the rest of the story!!"
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    Monster Croc drop shot

    Where do you place a quartering away shot on a crock? Just curious. That looks like a big one, how long was it, any idea how much it weighed?
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    So It Begins,.....Again

    I see you've got some camp meat, so now when does the real hunting start? :giggle: :giggle:
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    Hola desde Mendoza, Argentina...

    Algarrobo, remember me saying that hunters the world over have a lot in common? I too have a Ruger 77 in 300 Win Mag, and rifles with scopes using the German Number 4 Reticle. I also have a BRNO in 7 x 57 and recently purchased a Leupold scope with a lighted reticle. Nyati please send our...
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    Another hunt at the Rockin G!!!

    Nice going Carrie. If you can't hunt Red Stag in Argentina, you might just as well do it in Texas.
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    USA: Rifle Elk Hunt With Rising Son Outfitters In Montana October 2020

    With all of the prep work and waiting over, all you have to do is take time to smell the roses. Enjoy your hunt and be sure to keep us posted. BTW welcome to retirement. Hopefully you and your reloading bench will be spending lots of quality time together;);).
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    Hello from South Africa - new hunter

    Welcome to AH Craig. Are you aware that there are several AH Members living near you? You might try looking them up. No doubt they would be a good source of information for you.
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    The Marauder Of Dublar Chor

    A great read Professor. Without a way to remotely turn on the flashlight, I'm always amazed at how quickly you could aim and fire your rifle.
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    Hola desde Mendoza, Argentina...

    Welcome aboard Algrrobo. I speak a little Spanish and read less. I never learned to write it. I too wish that you feel at home on AH. Hunters from all over the world are the same in many ways. Do you have any photos of the hogs and or wild boar you have taken? What caliber rifle do you...
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    So It Begins,.....Again

    Like many others I'll be looking foreword to your report. Not much hunting going on these days. Good luck, stay safe & shoot straight.
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    Von Gruff knives

    All of Garry's knives are awesome, I'm having difficulties describing his latest accomplishments. They are either more awesome or awesome(r.) Garry, at any rate I hope you just keep on making them and enjoying yourself while doing so.