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Jan 23, 2020 at 4:26 PM
Mar 29, 2019
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July 29
Frisco, TX

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Cody hunt4life

Male, from Frisco, TX

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Looking forward to my first South Africa Safari Hunt in June 2020!! Jan 22, 2020 at 12:34 PM

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Jan 23, 2020 at 4:26 PM
    1. Cody hunt4life
      Cody hunt4life
      Looking forward to my first South Africa Safari Hunt in June 2020!!
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    July 29
    Frisco, TX
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    United States
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    • Hunter
    • Fisherman
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    First time will be June 2020
    Texas, Alaska, Colorado, Missouri, Quebec, Mexico
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    Bergara B14 HMR .300 Win Mag
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    • Rifle
    • Bow
    • Shotgun
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    Vortex Viper 6-24x50 & Leupold VX-R 4-12x50 CDS
    My best hunting tip:
    It is better to have and not need than need and not have. Pack for the unknown
    I am an avid Hunter & Angler and have hunted all over north america as well as Mexico for all sorts of species. I help guide on 2 ranches in Texas for Whitetail hunts. We offer both low fence free range fare chase hunts on a 1200+ acre ranch as well as high fence trophy whitetail hunting on an approx 300 acre ranch. I enjoy hunting Whitetail, Bear, Predators (coyote, fox, bobcat etc), ferrel hog, elk, mule deer, Caribou and more. My favorite fishing in freshwater would have to be catfishing in Texas but love any saltwater fishing. My most memorable fishing trip would have to be when I was able to go to Alaska and do a King Salmon trip while there for 2 week on a black bear hunt. I have many animals in North america on my bucket list that I still have not achieved a successful harvest but spend a lot of time studying best hunting practices and consider myself to be a hardcore hunter willing to put in as much work and more to have a sucessful hunting trip. I am most looking forward to my upcoming Safari Hunt in SA with 12 animals on my trophy list that has been booked with Huntershill Safaris leaving on June 12th for a 13 day hunt.
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