Ruger 308 Rifle

Ruger 308 Rifle

In a thread a while back I said that I always wanted a 308 Win. but just never bought one. Well I can't say that anymore and some of the blame goes to Graham Hunter. I was thinking about buying one of the new Ruger Hawkeye Hunters in 308 Win. then I bought that 250 Savage from Graham and when I went to the gun shop to pick it up I asked for a price on the new Ruger. They gave me a price I could not turn down so just like that I got my 308 that I always wanted and she is a beaut. I wasn't sure about the stainless barrel and action with a walnut stock but now after having it in my hands I think they compliment each other very nicely. I ditched the factory installed rail and dug up an old pair of Ruger mounts and an old school Leupold 3 x 9 Compact scope. The brass and bullets are due to arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to see how well she shoots very soon. And I almost forgot to mention the barrel is factory threaded so my suppressor screws right on, that's a big plus.
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