Woodleigh Bullets 375 Ruger Load Data?

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May 3, 2017
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Midway USA has Woodleigh Bullets 375 Caliber (375 Diameter) 300 Grain Weldcore Protected Point Box of 50 Clearance 7 at this price $49.99...(+Free Shipping)

Needless to say I ordered some.

Does anyone have experience hand loading Woodleigh Bullets in 375 Ruger? Please share your loads and any advice or thoughts.

All I can find from Woodleigh is:
Note: For ultimate bullet expansion and results, it is recommended that this bullet be fired in a load with an impact velocity no greater than 2600 fps and no less than 1900 fps.

As a general rule Woodleigh RN and PP bullets generate similar pressures to conventionally constructed soft nose bullets. You can use published data from other bullet and powder manufacturers. For safety, reduce by 5% and work up. Ensure that the case neck has a good grip on the bullet.

So I could use Powder and seating recommendations?

Thank you
Woodleigh has data in their manual for H4350, H4831sc, AR2209, AR2213sc, and W760 for the .375 Ruger with their 300gr bullets.
Let me do a little digging, I'll come up with the load that my son and I used a few years ago to take 2 buffs.
From the Woodleigh Manual:

Power; Grains; MV,fps; Max, gains; MV,fps
H4350, 76.0, 2510, 80.5, 2650
H4831sc, 83.0, 2460, 88.0C, 2610
AR2209, 76.0, 2510, 80.5, 2650
AR2213sc, 83.0, 2460, 88.0C, 2610
W760, 75.01510, 79.5, 2640
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375 Ruger, 82.5 gr. RL 19, COL 3.30, 300 gr. Woodleighs. This worked for us.
I reload a Woodleigh 350gr. PP with 73.0grs of RL17 powder in my 375 Ruger Guide Gun 20" barrel, average chronographed velocity is 2390fps with 1'group. I also load a 300gr. Nosler Accubond with 78.5gr. of RL17 powder that chronographed 2590fps 1/2" group.
I think any load that will work in an H&H will work in a Ruger as the case is bigger and the bullet is seated to the cannelure in either case. Worth as shot. Start low
Does anyone know if the Rhino 350's or 380's will fit/work in the 375 Ruger? Magazine length not an issue?

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