Wildlife original art by Don Heywood for sale

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    I have some gorgeous art by Don Heywood for sale.

    Don Heywood made his impact on the art world with his portrait commissions of famous British people, the most significant being the commission in 1992 of a life-size portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Don often visited South Africa, and was fascinated by the variety and artistry of traditional dress of black Southern African people. He travelled extensively in Southern Africa, painting fifty full colour portraits illustrating the diverse wealth of costume in African cultures, creating a record for posterity of customs in danger of vanishing under the pressures of rapidly changing societies. The collection, entitled "Vanishing Faces" is the only such comprehensive work painted by one artist. Don also fell in love with wildlife, began painting animals, and became involved in wildlife conservation in South Africa and the US. He painted 12 of the endangered species studied by the Smithsonian Institute's Conservation and Research Center for their 25th Anniversary. Limited editions were made from the originals, and proceeds from sales were donated to the Institute. A major exhibit of the originals was held at Addison/Ripley Gallery in Washington, D.C. In South Africa, Don was a founder member of the Peace Parks Foundation, a Patron of Endangered Wildlife Trust, and was very committed to Cheetah Conservation. He published two books featuring his paintings, "Vanishing Faces" and "Wildlife Portraits", the first copies of which were accepted by Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip. "Wildlife Portraits" was chosen by Hatchards on their 200th Anniversary in 1997 for their list of top ten books representing the best in British Publishing (The Hatchard Collection).

    Sizes and prices:
    African Warrior, African Chief, African Sangoma, African Woman: pencil drawings on paper (from "Vanishing Faces" Collection): Size: 17 x 23 inches each. US$950 each

    Large Spotted Genet: oil on canvas, Size: 25 x 31inches US$2500

    Black-backed Jackal: oil on canvas, Size: 19 x 23 inches US$2500

    Elephant charging: oil on canvas, Size: 53 x 41 inches US$7500

    Cheetah head: approx 19 x 19 inches US$2000

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