Which Double Rifle Caliber is worth the investment in 2023?

I recently finished purchasing what I estimate is a lifetime supply of brass and bullets for the 450/400, and now I'm on the monthly purchase plan for DGX-Bonded / DGS factory ammo for same.

At the beginning of 2023 I was quite close to forgoing the 450/400 and instead dropping the coin for a Chapuis DR in .375 H&H, but just in the nick of time the ammo and loading components for the 450/400 came available.

I blame that darn Manton DR I got to try for all this foolishness ...
Chris Sells in Dallas will take care of you on the Heym.
Thank you sir. That is exactly what I was afraid of re the ammo availability for the 450/400. Great caliber and I owned and hunted with one in a Ruger No.1. But I could see the writing on the wall with both Kynoch and Norma ceasing production for it and it was down to only Hornady. I wish the firearm/ammo/safari industry would get their collective act together. What's the point of Heym, Krieghoff, Chapuis and VC producing DR's in a caliber that only one company is making ammo for?
Again reloading pretty much solves things. I have never had any problem getting all components for 450-400, 470 or 500 NE


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I'm in love with that caliber. Wish I were man enough to shoot it. Hell, I wish I was flush enough to buy it! :ROFLMAO:
I personally think the best double cartridge
I'm in love with that caliber. Wish I were man enough to shoot it. Hell, I wish I was flush enough to buy it! :ROFLMAO:

I was planning on moving up to a .500, but I keep wacking and stacking with my .500/.416. Can’t find a reason to change anything

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Just an update on Double Rifle Investments, 2023.

What I'm seeing is largely, junk on the market. Similar to the housing market, people don't want to sell right now so in the vintage double rifle market, 99% trash is what I'm seeing right now. (as defined by either horrible condition, heavily reworked, or just 2x fair value asking prices)

New double rifles are in short supply from the "premium" sources. Best-grade, used contemporary Heyms well equipped with lots of options and good engraving are selling for solid money. Replacement costs on best-grade Heyms lavishly engraved are $70,000 new, so the good ones are fetching more than half that used.

The last "heyday" of double rifles occurred in 2008-2013 when the blowout of the mortgage crisis shook loose of very high quality modern and vintage rifles. We won't see another scenario like that until we have a softening of the capital markets and people need the money.

Sure there are occasional good values out there, but on the whole its not a particularly good time to buy a double rifle. Not when worn out British stuff is nearly $20k and used second-tier contemporary plainly finished doubles are selling for over $10k. (merkels, krieghoffs, sabattis, VCs, Chapuis, Searcy)
450/400 NE 3" and 450 no 2 NE.....two of the NE caliber cases specifically designed for Nitro powder.....if you can afford a new double you can afford the ammo....
Or a wildcat 500 no 2 NE on the 450 No 2 case if it will work.....3 1/2" strongest case as a base....
Lots of comments on favorite guns, most effective guns, fun calibers to reload, etc.

Wasn't the OP emphasizing "worth the investment?"

Focusing on investment potential, not sure I agree with a lot of the comments that are about enjoyment, efficacy, ease of loading, ammo cost, etc. Not saying the opinions are bad, just saying the opinions are not based on the purpose of "worth the investment" if we are assuming investments grow in value.
Hello fellow AH members!

I am back on the hunt for another Double Rifle (DR). I've owned a couple of Merkels and Chapuis in the past (2 from each maker in 9.3x74 and in 470NE). However all have been sold and I am down to one Heym 26b in 9.3x74 which is a terrific rifle. However, I am now looking at either 450/500 NE or a 470NE in a Heym, Chapuis, Krieghoff etc. However in 2023 what REALLY concerns me is the ammunition supply market. We all know the world ended so to speak with the pandemic, social/supply chain issues of the last couple of years. Manufacturers seem (understandably) focused using what few resources there are to manufacture and sell 9mm and 556 ammo which are in high demand. The aforementioned calibers are definitely niche and not reflective of what the general population wants.

That being said, would you all recommend one caliber over the other? Or perhaps one I have not mentioned? Again, I'm not asking from a hunting/ballistics/personal preference angle. Simply which one will have a steady flow of available ammo in the next few years and which calibers will go the way of what happened to the 450NE? For those who don't know, a few years ago Ruger had that caliber in its No.1 and Heym made doubles with Hornady and Kynoch (and maybe Norma) making ammo. People even rushed to rebore old 458 Win Mag doubles into 450NE. And now? A rifle in that caliber might as well be a nice wall decoration and I doubt it's coming back anytime soon. Ditto for the .375 flanged and the .505 Gibbs, 404 Jeffrery, 416 Rigby for bolt actions.

Before I drop 15-20k on a DR in either 470NE or 450/400NE, I want to know there will be an ammo supply.

Thank you in advance for any advice and thoughts anyone out there might have!
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