What makes a "good" Professional Hunter?


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Sep 21, 2010
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K-man 5 of my 7 hunts also were with Ph owner / outfitters and I think that is the best way to go also, but one of the other hunts was very good also, but there was room for improvement on the all.


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Jul 20, 2014
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I think we must clear out one thing : Outfitter and PH is in many times two different persons and this make the PH not involved in the business at all. He will receive a couple of hundred bucks for his work from the outfitter or concession holder or farmer. Most of the PH is good guys that love them work, its the outfitters that can sometimes pressing the PH that more game must be taken from the clients side, I have always ignore this kind of unethical and rude behavior because many clients have sometimes save a life time to hunt in Africa, and this few hunting days must give him a perfect memory WITH OUT STRESS or to make the client shot at game that is not on his list !!!

Then we can turn around the subject and I can say that I rely don't like clients that come to a country and think that they can shoot everything and behave exactly how they want because they have a strong financial position !

So, I think that we (PH) meet more "a-holes" than clients meet unethical PH with the simple reason that the PH will be out if he is not serious, but as long a African DG hunt is a expensive vacation it will always attract some new rich folks with out hunting traditions or experience !


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A couple pictures of the sable i chased for miles in Mozambique, Coutada 9!! We finally caught up to him and I had the trophy of a lifetime. Mokore Safaris, Doug Duckworth PH
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Did you purchase your hunt at a US SCI fundraiser?