Wanted Thompson Encore Or Contender Set


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Jan 11, 2023
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I’m looking to buy TC Encore or contender sets, 1 barrel or several. If you have any you’d like to sell please let me know! Thanks for your time!
There is a face book group for TC Encore barrels and items. Might check there as well.
I just looked at the barrel page. All the rules say NO sales of any kind. Too bad. Not even any “in for discussion” posts.
Good evening. I have a Contender set. 16" 30 Herret with Leupold 4X EER, 22 Hornet and a 20 inch 357 Maximum barrel with several grips, holsters and a shoulder stock. Dies for each and a big assortment of bullets, brass, loaded ammo, etc. Several boxes of 357 Maximum new unprimed brass. Extra Leupold bases and rings, etc. I will deal.
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I have a Contender with 3 barrels from Gary Reeder if you’re interested? 310 GNR, 350 GNR, 378 GNR…2-7x Burris and m8-2x Leupold. I have brass and dies somewhere in storage.
Here is my Contender set:

G1 stainless frame

14" barrels:
.375 Win blued with Denver Redfield 1.5x
.375 Win stainless
45-70 w Swift 1.25-4x

12" 7-30 Waters stainless
10" 45LC / .410 stainless

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Heck, my photos above also show the Denver-made Redfield 2.5-7x Extended Eye Relief scope on the .223 barrel mounted to the Contender frame.

I shot photos and posted them for @Varminthunter23 who I've also PM'ed. I will let him PM me...
If he passes on this, I will post on a new Classified thread with a price for all.
Bringing this back up. I’ve been able to buy 2 sets, would like to have a few more if anyone wants to sell? Thanks!
Unfortunately my Encore and Contender are SBR's. If you want to trade a nice 22-250 Encore barrel for a sub 16" Encore barrel, let me know.
Are you looking for pistol barrels only of rifle barrel sets also?

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