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Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by billrquimby, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Canadian expatriate and old African hand Ted Gorsline said in two email notes to me last week that the “good old days” in Uganda are still here.

    Ted is working as a professional hunter in Uganda now and has posted on another website a photo of a buffalo with 48-1/2-inch-wide horns from the Lake Mburo area. He said it is the largest buffalo shot in that country in 35 years.

    “Our clients have taken others in Uganda in the 44 and 45 inch range, but it’s just luck getting those big guys. Most are the usual 35 to 39 inches. (Nonetheless) the genetics (for buffalo) at Lake Mburo may be the best in Africa,” he said.

    Ted said his wife (asted@freenet) has openings for the Lake Mburo area, and the season is open year around. He claims her company has sent more clients to Uganda than anyone else since it first started hunting there in 2000.

    “We are selling Masailand buffalo genetics for Zimbabwe prices,” he wrote.

    Ted, Kaka Matama, and one other person are the professional hunters who will be working at Lake Mburo this year. There are no charter flights -- clients are driven to the hunting area.

    Elsewhere in Uganda, Ted said he and Matama also recently surveyed buffalo in the Sango Bay area, where approximately 80 percent of the region is a papyrus and grass swamp reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart’s “The African Queen.”

    “That was filmed on Lake Victoria, and maybe even at Sango Bay, so you can see it’s difficult country, but in the old days it held monster buffalo ... we have seen buffalo there up to about 46 inches wide,” he wrote.

    Bill Quimby

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    I just purchased Brian Herne's book on Uganda Safaris. I can't wait to hear more about hunting Uganda.

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