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Nov 25, 2010
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Hi Everyone
Hoping someone can help . I am getting conflicting info from Dubai Police and customs about trnsiting my firearms through dubai . Emirates are quite easy about it and supplied a form to fill in . Has anyone been through there recently .
Ian Evans
I assume your are traveling onward from Dubai. If so, and you are connecting within 24 hours or so, you’ll never touch your guns in Dubai. They’ll be loaded on your outbound plane and you’ll claim them at your final destination.
I assume your are traveling onward from Dubai. If so, and you are connecting within 24 hours or so, you’ll never touch your guns in Dubai. They’ll be loaded on your outbound plane and you’ll claim them at your final destination.
Hi Many thanks that was what i was hoping to here . yes emirates uk to dubai then on to JNB
Follow exactly what Emirates states and you will be fine. Remember that transiting you ARE NOT entering Dubai. This may be where the confusion is coming from.
Hello everyone,

I too will be travelling to Johannesburg on Emirates via Dubai at the end of this month. I have cut and paste information from their website regarding firearms. I am somewhat confused by the last bullet (I have highlighted the font in red).

Does the highlighted paragraph apply if I am connecting on another Emirates flight in Dubai to travel to my final destination (JNB)? (I am flying Emirates all the way)

I haven't submitted my request to Emirates yet. Is this something the airline will clarify once I receive their approval?


Can I carry firearms, weapons, and ammunition in my baggage?​

Firearms, weapons, and ammunition may be carried as checked baggage on Emirates flights under the following conditions:
  • You must be in possession of the original firearms license in your name and all original documents stating the appropriate clearances and permissions (if applicable) to export and/or import the firearms, weapons, and ammunition.
  • The carriage of any type of firearm, weapon, or ammunition must be approved by Emirates no less than three days before your flight. Please complete the firearms form (available only in English) in the Contact Us section of our Help Center to start the approval process. Please allow extra time for public holidays and weekends in your country of residence and the UAE.
  • Firearms must be completely unloaded and, if possible, dismantled and packed inside a suitcase or standard gun case.
  • Ammunition must be securely stored in a strong, sealed box packed inside a suitcase and surrounded by other contents. The suitcase must not bear an "Explosive" label.
  • The maximum gross weight of the ammunition carried by any single customer is 5 kg (11 lbs). Customers traveling in groups must carry ammunition in their own separate bags, with no single bag carrying more than the 5 kg (11 lb) limit.
  • All fireworks and any other items containing explosives—for example, Christmas crackers, firecrackers, bottle rockets, poppers, and sparklers—are forbidden to be carried on our flights either as carry‑on baggage or as checked baggage.
The following special conditions apply to customers wishing to carry firearms on flights into or through Dubai:
  • Customers who wish to bring firearms and ammunition into the UAE must obtain prior clearance from UAE Customs and the UAE Ministry of Defence. To obtain this clearance, customers must contact these government departments directly.
  • For transfer and transit customers who are connecting to onward flights, prior clearance to travel with firearms and ammunition must be obtained from the Dubai Airport Police Department and the Department of Civil Aviation.
Yes, the highlighted bullet applies to those who are just connecting to another flight in Dubai.
Follow instructions, fill out the online request form ahead of departure, you’re good to go. They will confirm your rifle is on board at the gate when you get on the JoBerg flight.

Emirates will handle the last part for you when you fill out the online request.

Make sure you get a Nutella latte on the layover in Dubai!
Yes, just fill out the paperwork for Emerites and they will take of it.
You will not see your guns until you arrive in JNB

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