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For those that have contracted recently with a RSA Taxidermist to do a Dip and Ship to the US via air, what is the approximate turn around time?
Last year it took four months for Splitting Image.
Depends on what you shoot. Some animals take longer drying time. Impalas have to dry 90 days since the horns don’t come off, as an example.
Right at 6 months last year from Marakalalo taxidermy. Picked up a couple weeks ago and skulls, horns and salted hides looked great. Tanned back skins were great as well.
Why not contact who you are having do the dip and pack?
Why not contact who you are having do the dip and pack?
I have. It is my experience that taxidermists, generally, exaggerate the shortness of the time it will take to get your trophys back. My "you will have it in 10 months" bear, took over 2 years. I like to get real world information.
A lot depends on how soon the skins/skulls are picked up from the outfitter. Some are monthly, others may not be until the end of the season. Then you have the Christmas holiday, where nothing happens for 3 to 5 weeks. If you have any animals with a cites permit, that takes longer. Then you will wait on a veterinary inspection before crating. Then shipping. I have seen as little as 120 days to as long as 14 months. Best to ask the outfitter how long the last three shipments took. Also then ask the dip and pack or taxidermist the same question. Good luck on your trophies!!
You also have to remember that you are on African Time
You also have to remember that you are on African Time
Again... another reason to ask real world people how long it took in real life.
Buffalo cape / skull / Horns.....Zebra skin.....Baboon skull ......Honey Badger skin. All received at Trophy Solutions in Polokwane the last week in August 2023. Communication with Trophy Solutions has been great, they promptly reply to every communication. Starting in mid January I have requested an update about every two weeks. The standard answer has been that they are awaiting the required paperwork for shipping and expect / hope to receive it in the next couple of weeks. As two of the items (Baboon skull and Honey Badger) are CITES animals and the entire clearance issue is a government matter (Hence uncontrollable) I really don't have a problem with the timing however I do suspect that the folks at Trophy Solutions have no idea when the paperwork might be received and would appreciate it if they would just say so rather than the repeated two week guesses. As noted in an above note it would be interesting if they would review the last three or four similar shipments and provide the timing of paperwork completion for those shipments.
Again... another reason to ask real world people how long it took in real life.

It comes down to the one doing the job.

On my first hunt it took my dip and pack it took 3-4 months from the time our hunt was over until shipping. I've seen others say 9 months.

My last hunt I had my taxidermy done in South Africa and had everything done in 6 months. It was another 6 months before I finally got my shipment.
Following up on my note above.....
Today (3/14/2024) I received a note from Trophy Solutions (Polokwane) that the paperwork on my shipment was complete and it would be shipped on receipt of payment. I immediately sent the required credit card information. There was an added fee for credit card use however taking into account the cash back provision on my credit card the actual cost was almost identical to the charge for wiring funds. Trophy Solutions sent back a note today that the credit card charge had been accepted however they will not release the shipment until their bank informes them that the funds have actually been transferred to the Trophy Solutions account. They didn't say how long that might take.
Anyhow...Trophy Solutions received my trophies the last week of August last year (2023). Given that South Africa shuts down for most of a month for Christmas I think Trophy Solutions met their statement that their processes would be completed within 99 days of receipt. The remainder of the time for my trophies was a function of getting the various govenment documents back from the approving agencies. That of course is not under the control of Trophy Solutions. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the bank transfer to be confirmed and then the actual shipping first to Johannesburg then on to the U.S. and eventually to Minneapolis.
they should have the answer by tomorrow, I just did the same thing with Badger cargo this past Monday and got notification all was well Tuesday
Thanks for the note.....hope mine is as quick. I was a bit concerned there might be a "Govenment Approval" step involved again!!! Now the question becomes how long to get it on a plane (Turkish Airlines I understand is the only airline that will carry hunting trophies) to, I presume, Istanbul then Chicago. From there my taxidermist (Taxidermy Unlimited) assures me we are home free.
last year I used Delta to bring mine to Chicago and this time it has to go Turkish because I have a Cape Buff coming back) as the other carriers will not ship any BIG 5 animals but the others animals are ok. I do not know how long before they ship, mine is being sent to them this week and hopefully they will go next week. make sure your clearing agent stays on top of them as Turkish likes to let things sit in their warehouse at 200.00 per day. I will use Laura at Coppersmiths and she is on top of things (in fact waiting on an email from her today)
Following up on my note above. This morning I received an email from Condor Cargo in Johannesburg regarding my shipment of trophies to Coppersmith in Chicago. Below is the bill for shipment and associated paperwork. I sent payment via credit card and was told that, as I was aware, because there is a Cape Buffalo in the shipment it can only ride on Turkish Airlines. Due to a current backlog the next available cargo slot on Turkish is April first to arrive Chicago on April 3 and they will try to book my shipment for that date. Apparently I can then expect about a 14 day wait for various clearences before the shipment can head on from Chicago to Minneapolis.
So....Trophy Solutions in Polokwane Limpopo received my trophies the last week in August 2023. The Dip and Pack processes were complete by February 17, 2024 and final shipping documentation was received by Trophy Solutions on March 14, 2024. As mentioned above the shipment is ready to go as of March 18 however the airline delay will take it to at least April 1 to leave South Africa. If all goes as currently planned my trophies should arrive in the Minnepolis area in mid April.


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