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    Koos went hunting one day and shot two Impala. He loaded them onto the back of his bakkie and while driving back home was stopped by a Game Warden who did not like hunters.

    The warden ordered Koos to show him his hunting license, which was duly produced. Then the warden lifted the covers off the bakkie, stuck his nose into one of the bucks asses and said: "Haaikona this is not a local Impala. This one is from the Free State and you need a Free State license to kill it. Do you have one?"

    Koos opened the cubby-hole and produced one. Not happy the warden sniffed the ass of the other animal and gleefully shouted: "This one is from Lesotho. Do you have a Lesotho license?"

    The hunter went back to his cubby and produced a Lesotho license. The warden was very agitated and shouted: "Where the hell are you

    Koos smiled, turned around, dropped his pants to his ankles, bent forward and said: "You tell me .......You're the expert!"

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