The Answer to the Transportation Problem

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Aug 19, 2016
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There are three primary uses for carbon based fuels: Heating/Cooling; Transportation; & Equipment/Lighting Operation. Her I am addressing an alternative to the fuel used for transportation. The gasoline/diesel motors in cars/trucks/buses would be replaced with electric motors. In addition to the motors, propeller driven generators would be installed on the roof of each vehicle. Thus when the vehicle was driven , the airflow would generate electricity that would then run the motor. For propeller driven airplanes the generator propeller could be installed directly behind the driving propeller to get maximum exposure to the windflow. Since these vehicles would only operate in open roads, no traffic jams allowed. So access to roads, particularly in cities would be strictly limited to those with political connections. The regular folks would need to ride bicycles which are limited to bike lanes.

YOU LAUGH!!! BUT, considering the lack of critical thinking ability and intelligence that is currently on display from our ruling class, I am confident that I could get a grant of several billion dollars to develop the technology. Only drawback is that to get the funding I would need to have an ancestry that include slaves and other persecuted peoples, in addition to me needing to be a transgender homosexual vegan that wears only clothing made from lawn clippings. Know anyone that fits those requirements? Send them to me so we can work out the details of the application.

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I have a like new VC .450 I might part with. I had it built in 2013 and it has served me well. Also have a VC fitted leather trunk case for it along with the plastic case it came with. I'll take 14000 for all of it.
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Hi Jody,
I have been looking for ideas on the best way to display my European mounts from Africa. I came across some of your shield work and was wondering if you would be willing to make one for me? If so, please let me know the cost. I like the shield with the two spears that you built for a member years ago. Thanks.
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Nelson. Is this message a PM format. I want to send you my email, but don't know if this is the cirrect way to do it. I'm at <> Send me an email with your phone and I will call you about a skull I have. I went to school in Boston and am from Bernardston in the west part of the state. Moved to Alaska in 1984 adn never looked back.
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Sold a Blaser scope mount to him. He was a pleasure to do business with.
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Sold a Blaser scope mount to him. Was a pleasure to do business with.