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Jan 20, 2011
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I am looking for a spot and stalk hunt for black bears. I've been looking at Alberta but am open to ideas.

I was wondering if anyone has a good outfitter or area they would be willing to share?
I am from Alberta and have hunted bear here plenty. We have some good spot and stalk bear hunting but most is done by baiting. Most spot and stalk is done by driving around until the bear is spotted then stalking to close the gap. It is a good hunt but actual out on foot hunting tends to be minimal in most cases.
The best quality spot and stalk I have seen is either Vancouver island for inland bears or along the coast to Alaska from a boat. The Vancouver island bears tend to have much better hides with fewer and smaller rubs than the more northern bears and are just as big. Jim Shockey has Vancouver island bear hunts that are a combination of driving, walking, glassing and stalking and I beleive are the best bear hunt going.
This is just my opinion and I am sure there are many more.
I had an excellent spot and stalk black bear hunt in Arizona on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. Lots of bears, and some very big ones. Very rugged, wild country (much like Coues Deer hunting) area lend itself to spot and stalk.

If you are looking for a DIY hunt it will be worth your while to consider Alaska. If you are looking for a guided hunt I would suggest giving this fellow a call:

Miles Hatter

He will work his butt off for you and he has plenty of bears at a good price.

Thanks for the reply I will look into Miles.

I have now been looking at British Columbia the coast and Islands seem a bit expensive but just off the coast seems like a good combination of price and size of bears. Does anyone have any good or bad reports of a lodge hunt in this area.
JamieD, I have been looking for a bear hunting outfit in Canada for a few months. I am trying to stay in Ontario. I want to be able to drive. Funny you mentioned spot and stalk bear hunts. I came across this sight a few weeks ago. The spot and stalk is more appealing to me than bait sights. I have seen a lot of bear hunting sights, this is the only one that has offered spot and stalk.

Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunts

Are you a resident of Canada or the US? If you don't mind me asking...:)
North Wind

I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud US of A.
be proud ! always
Agreed, 100%. Somehow I doubt if you lived in France you'd be planning a bear hunt right now! :)
I agree, be proud to call yourself a US of A Citizen.

Have you considered Prince of Wales Island, Alaska? I did a wonderful eight day DIY hunt for under $1000US a few years back-including RT airfare from Denver to Ketchikan. I arrowed, via spot and stalk, a whopper 19+ inch bruin. I saw 11 bears in eight days (all very stalkable) w/ eight being record book quality. Another state I would consider is Idaho. There's tons of public land and most people in the state are very willing to bend your ear with assistance. I would start with any DNR office.

Best of luck on your hunt!
Prince of Whales is going to a draw because the bear numbers aren't where they want them to be. To do a hunt in the future you'll have to draw a tag first. I have hunted there though and it is beautiful country.
Agreed, 100%. Somehow I doubt if you lived in France you'd be planning a bear hunt right now! :)

And what would keep a Frenchman from planning a bearhunt?
Ha Ha, no offense intended, they'd probably be too busy drinking wine out on the deck and making love to many anonimous women! Wait a minute, this is sounding pretty good! :)
So in a round about way, the french are bear hunting....


North Wind, correct me if I'm wrong, the drawing on Prince of Wales doesn't take effect until this Fall. Isn't there's still time to toss in a Spring bear hunt...OTC? When I did my hunt, I used a float plane fly-in charter company which took us away from the road system. Three of us established a drop-in base camp. That hunt was one of the most spiritual hunts I've ever made. No expensive guides, public land along the ocean...I would do it again in a second!

Here's a link to a PDF download file for my account of the adventure-it's picture heavy so it may take a while to download-be patient, enjoy!
I do believe you are correct sir. This will be the last spring of open hunting on POW. How many years ago did you do your hunt? I was really suprized at the lack of sows with cubs when I was there. Makes me think dropping the hunting pressure might not be the cure all for that area. Saw several sows but no young....I don't know, I don't have a degree in bear biology :)

I was there two years ago. I didn't see a single sow with or without cubs (they may have still been denning). Every bear was a boar. Makes you wonder, eh? Were you there in the Fall?
I was there in the spring. Probably saw 4-5 sows but I payed really close attention to all the tracks I saw in my travels and I didn't see but maybe 2 sets of cub tracks all week.
I am looking for a guided hunt and can't rough it to much, my lady is coming along. Need to be able to charge her camera (shes a photographer) and of course the curling iron:). Miles Hatter in ID is a possibility but the coast of BC looks like a great trip and I have never hunted in Canada.

Bob Milligan and Steve West have room yet has anyone hunted with them or someone else in this area?

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