SOUTH AFRICA: A month in Africa with 3 different safaris


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Oct 12, 2009
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Just returned a couple weeks ago from a month in Africa. Was joined by my wife and twin 16 year old girls. This was the girls 6th, 7th and 8 safaris. They have no idea how lucky they are! Used Qatar airways for the 3rd time and they were great as always. Long flight going through Doha but I've always been happy with the service. Stayed at the Afton House like we always do. I've wanted to try the Africa Sky sometime but just can't get myself to change from the old reliable. First stop was Rooibosbult Safaris for 13 days. The accommodations were top notch as was everything else.

On our first hunting day it began to rain around noon. It ended up absolutely pouring down. 40 mm. in all. This would make it tough in the following days as we were for the most part bow hunting. The new grasses seemed to pop up almost immediately and there was plenty of water around for the animals. The next day was my wife's birthday. The Africa hunting God's were very good to her. All with a crossbow.
On our first hunting day it began to rain around noon. It ended up absolutely pouring down. 40 mm. in all. This would make it tough in the following days as we were for the most part bow hunting. The new grasses seemed to pop up almost immediately and there was plenty of water around for the animals. The next day was my wife's birthday. The Africa hunting God's were very good to her. All with a crossbow.
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Congratulations to your wife! Great animals!
Great way for your wife to celebrate her birthday.
Looks like a wonderful trip! Beautiful animals! Congratulations to your wife!
Wow!! An entire month living the dream. And to do it with your family. Congratulations, that is awesome. Congrats to your wife on her bday. What an amazing day. Great start to the story, looking forward to more.
I don't know how this ended up under the Africa Hunting forum instead of Hunting reports but maybe Jerome will move it. Anyway, the twins got into the action with the crossbow for the next couple days.
The quality of your photos is great. What type of camera?
Iphone! This is the first time I didn't take my Nikon and tripod. I have found the last few trips I use my phone for 90% of the pictures and videos anyway so why bother dragging another bag along. Thanks.
Here is a picture of the day it rained along with the twins and some cull impalas and Mattie's sable. Reminded of me home in Oregon.
On day 6 Barb took this waterbuck. I've done some walk and stalk for zebra with the bow but haven't even pulled my bow back yet. Having the best time ever watching my girls shoot.


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Very nice looking forward to the rest of the story. Thanks
We have 2 trophy impala, 2 zebra and a gemsbok remaining on the package. With the early rains gemsbok aren't coming to the water and of course zebra are always tough with a bow. My PH, Andres, always says you have to have a plan and many of them at that. He found a place where the zebra and gemsbok like to hang out midday and put up a pop up blind. I end up taking a zebra with the bow close to dark. They are so wary. When I hear people compare them to a horse I have to shake my head. Shot a really nice impala the evening before with the bow as well.
Down to the last couple of days so we break out the rifle to do some walk and stalk hunting. End up taking this impala and zebra on the second to last day and this gemsbok at last light of the last day.
So that was it for the first leg. We had a great time and really loved the new accommodations. We are now headed to Buffrekrall Safaris. This will be a short 4 day hunt. I'm looking for some night animals. Bushpig and Honey badger. This is a small time operation that only take one group at a time and are very enthusiastic young couple.
Congrats to all on this first part of the journey! Thanks for sharing!
They really know there bush pigs and bait them year round. The light comes on regardless if they are there hunting or not. They come in like clockwork at 7pm every night. The bad new is they haven't had a honey badger on the bait for 5 months. He has called around to other outfitters and really no one around there has them coming in consistently so probably out of luck but it will still be fun. Normally I like being there when my girls hunt but since we have such limited time I will hunt with Dione and the girls with Aldine. They are very comfortable with her which is awesome because normally if I wasn't going along they wouldn't want to hunt.
Dione and myself get to the blind about 5pm. It's really windy which is never good. Blind is situated about 60 yards from the bait. 7pm comes and goes. No bush pigs. Dione says, how about we wait until 8 and call it. I agreed. With the wind blowing like it was it just didn't seem like they were going to show. I look at my watch and it's about 8. I see Dione reaching for his phone to call for pickup. All of a sudden something is on the bait. Looks like a
honey badger but your eyes kind of go buggy after looking in that light for so long. Dione whispers, honey badger shoot! I do and drop it in it's tracks. The girls know as well since they saw it from the lodge on the trail cam so no surprising them. What a great turn of luck!
The next day the girls are going to hunt with Aldine in a blind with the cross bow. Dione and myself are going to another property for tssessebe. We ended up getting lucky and taking this old bull. I don't think he would of made it another 6 months. He was in terrible condition. Skin and bones.
We got back early enough to go on an afternoon hunt for klipspringer. Beautiful country but no klipspringer were spotted. Got back a little late and had to hustle to the bush pig blind. In the meantime we heard one of the twins had shot a golden wildebeest. As we are racing to the bush pig blind, Dione said, lets go check real quick for where the girls are hunting. We make the corner and here is a golden wildebeest piled up in the road. We get out and pose it real fast and I take a picture with it. I send it to the girls and tell them, look what I got! Unfortunately they didn't get my message until after they already found it. They were estatic that it died posed for a picture. Odd that all the blood was covered up and there were a bunch of boot prints around it. Girls!!

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