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Jul 5, 2022
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I have just bought a BRNO 602 originally chambered in 458 Win Mag that has been rechambered to 458 Lott.
There are multiple accounts of the 458 destroying scopes in the field. Are there any scopes proven to handle Lott recoil levels?

I have a Trijicon 1-6 on my 416 Remington that I really like. Hoping to hear from people who have had a good experience with their scope on a 458 winchester or 458 Lott.
Thanks for that information. Where do you live in Alabama? I'm in Butler Alabama.
Monarch African 1x4 on mine. Been there about 8-9 years now.
The Monarch African was a great value as a dangerous game scope. Unfortunately,they are no longer made.
I really think all the premium tier scopes are going to preform well. There will examples of people using them on them hard recoiling rifles without issues. You will also find examples of where all have failed at some point.

On my 416s are a VX6 and a Leica, I trust both will do as well as any other I could buy.
The Burris 1-4 on my Lott recently gave up the ghost, so I am in the market for a new scope. Timely thread.
The Burris 1-4 on my Lott recently gave up the ghost, so I am in the market for a new scope. Timely thread.
The Leupold has great eye relief. When I mentioned weight... this is important. Most of the LPVO (low power variable optic) scopes are industrial grade and weigh a lot. These have been created to fill a niche in competition shooting. Great optics but put major recoil stress on mounting screws on powerful rifles. Since the Lott has soooo much recoil impulse, many of the scopes are just too heavy. I have put a one piece tactical base on one of my 416s that has a lip that abuts the receiver to take load off screws.
The Brno 602 has integral bases so loose base screws are not an issue. Probably use Talley rings that fit the bases directly. Right now leaning to another Trijicon or a Leupold,both make a 1-6.
The Brno 602 has integral bases so loose base screws are not an issue. Probably use Talley rings that fit the bases directly. Right now leaning to another Trijicon or a Leupold,both make a 1-6.

Talley or Alaska Arms rings work very well on the 19mm dovetail of the Brno actions.

I’m a big fan of the Swarovski 1-6x24 EE, and have one on a .416 Ruger. It is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best DG scope.

That said, if you are used to the Trijicon, there is a lot to be said for having similar scopes on your rifles, and it will most certainly handle the recoil of the .458 Lott very well.
I have the Swaro Z6i 1-6x on my Champlin 458 Lott. That's one of the finest DG scopes I have found. I have the Z8i 1-8x on my 375's but I would be less inclined to use that on the 458.

My ZKK-602 458 win mag is iron sights only but I would put the same Z6i on it.
Leupold VX3HD 1.5-5X on my .450 rigby, and I have never had an issue.
What kind of weight/velocity are you running in your 450 Rigby?
@michael458 can definitely shed some light on this subject. He's fired thousands of rounds of big bore cartridges while testing bullets and the B&M series of cartridges. He has often recommended Nikon scopes for ultimate durability. Maybe he can chime in.
I have had good luck with both Leupold and Nikon, but I don't shoot nearly as much as some folks. I basically shoot enough to stay proficient, and to prepare for hunts. But I don't pound hundreds of big bore rounds down range every year.
I would imagine that most any quality scope will hold up well on 375 H&H or under. But once you get into heavy recoil rifles, the ballgame changes considerably.
@michael458 can definitely shed some light on this subject.
Yeah, I am afraid so........ From 2005 to 2014 we were doing some serious shooting here, 416-.620 caliber, most of it 458-500 caliber, to the tune of 8000+ rounds a year. This was load data, pressure data and bullet tech. Along with getting rifles ready to go to the field.

I am a scope shooter, always have been. What you have to have in a big bore Dangerous game scope is huge field of view.... at 10 steps you want to be able to see the entire body of lion, not a tan spot. Eye Relief and size of the scope is important since you are going to have to carry this around all day, unless you are the sort of chap that lets someone else carry your rifle.

I had always been a Leupold fan, and the 1.5 X5 Vari X and later VX3 was about the most perfect DG Big Bore scope you could get, it had the Field of View, eye Relief and it was small. Only one problem, it was horribly unreliable. We had 15 or so Leupold 1.5X5 we were using here on various Big Bores. It was very common to have 3-4 at Leupold for repairs, 3-4 on the bench to send to Leupold waiting on the other 3-4 to be returned. It was a constant circle of busted scopes. One day I took a brand new Leupold 1.5X5 VX out of the box, mounted it on a 50 B&M for some 50 yard accuracy work. Settled in at the bench, fired 1, then 2, then 3 rounds....... On the 3rd round fired I watched the scope explode inside and it went completely out of focus. Session done and over in 3 rounds.

This was hindering my productivity and taking a tremendous amount of time dismounting and remounting sight systems weekly, daily......I was spending more time doing this than getting any research done...... ENOUGH. I started looking for available alternatives. I bought 4-5 different scopes to see if any could replace all the attributes I required, #1 Field of View #2 Eye Relief #3 Size.

In this batch I bought a Nikon 1X4 African (at the time, buffalo on one of the caps). It had all the attributes I required, and the quality for me seemed even better than the Leupold. However I didn't care much for the larger turret it sported. I also had a 1" Trijicon that is now no longer made, it also had all the attributes, but about twice the cost. There were a few more, but none of them made the grade in quality, and other attributes.

I started shooting, figured for sure something would bust...... I kept shooting and after several weeks the Nikon was growing on me seriously. I bought another. I had them on the heavy kickers, 500 MDM and 50 B&M, all with high recoil impulse, that is devastating to scopes. Still no busted Nikons, I bought some more as the months went by, and was completely astounded that I had yet to have an issue..... ??? I was so used to dealing with busted scopes, I really was confused, after all the Nikon was actually less expensive than the Leupold, it is rare that you see that in these times, something less expensive out performing the more expensive model.

It was not long before I tried a few other Nikons larger scopes for smaller calibers....... and more Nikon 1X4 Africans........... Then Nikon decided the African was racist or some stupid shit, and just called them the Monarch, which was the top of the line Nikon scope series....... Still no issues at all with any Nikon, larger, smaller or in between.

Time to get rid of the Leupolds I had a big sell off, sold 35+ Leupolds of all shapes, sizes and what have you, 15 or so 1.5x5....... gone........ The only Leupold I kept was the Scout model, forward mount 2X. These I had never busted, and had one on a heavy kicking 510 Wells for years, and it is still on it. Other than those, the Leupolds hit the door....... and all were replaced with Nikons and then some.......

Nikon went woke a few years ago, ceased the entire line of rifle scopes. By this time I had enough 1X4 Nikons to last a lifetime and then some........ Fortunately. And to this day, 1000s on top of 1000s of big bore rounds fired, I have never ever not once busted or had any issue at all with the Nikon 1x4 African/Monarch....... Even the very first one that was on a 500 MDM, it is still on that gun.

The 1 inch Trijicon did well too, I still have it on a 458 and never had an issue. But now, seems all you can get is the 30mm Scopes, and I just do not like the size and weight of 30mm anything. It is true that most 30mm scopes are more robust and will hold up, but they definitely do not fit my # 3 factor of SIZE....... I have recently worked with two 30mm Trijicons, one is on 458 Lott and doing well so far, but it is big. The other was on a 458 Lott, and replaced by a spare Nikon 1X4 I had on hand.

I had several guys that wanted the 1X6 Swaro's on their 500 MDMs, and each and every single time the scope busted trying to sight it in. So I am not so much on those, and refuse to mess with them anymore.

I continue to look on occasion just to see if anything is out there, but have yet to find any real replacement for the loss of the Nikon. Even though I don't need any, if I run across one, I snatch it up, recently bought 3, two from a friend and one that was on Ebay........

If you shoot these Leupolds enough then you will sooner or later have the same experience. If you shoot your big bore 5 rounds a year, then it might last a little longer, but when you sit down for 200 rounds a week, then its a matter of time, and could be on that 3rd round fired from new in the box, busted............

A Leupold rep once told a friend of mine when questioned about the Nikons. His statement was That Leupold customers like to customize their scopes, and that Nikon "Glued" their reticles in place, and Leupold did not do that. I said..... better get the damn glue out....... But it was not so much the reticles that I was having issues with, it was focus and tracking...... They would just give up......and if you can't focus, you can't see, so what is the point.......Talk about shake rattle and roll when you take those off the gun, sounds like a baby rattler.......

Thanks for taking the time to do that write up @michael458. Make sense and I had heard rumors of same info. I just wish a scope maker like Leupold would offer a line of basic, fixed power, tough as hell scopes with standard medium duplex reticle and basic, low profile two turret config. Something like 1x24, 2x24, 3x24 and 4x24. But alas, not trendy enough so not enough demand for such reliability and utility.

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