Sako Magnum Mauser

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  1. I am researching this Sako rifle for my elderly neighbor and am seeking opinions about its' value. Following is what I have learned about it and some photos:

    It is a Sako Magnum Mauser, chambered for the .375 H&H magnum. The action is a (FN) Supreme Mauser, manufactured in 1951-1961. The serial # dates it 1955 and it has French walnut stock and weighs 7 1/2 lbs. Firearms International was the importer of this rifle. I also read that Sako Mausers are seldom found and rare in this caliber. Even in Finland they are next to impossible to find! This rifle has been engraved, as you will see and has some rust on the barrel. The engraving below the grizzly bear reads, "Have
    no fear of any man Regardless of his size Keep me always at your side And I will equalize."

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    According to the 2006 copy of the BLUE BOOK, the rifle is worth app. $580 dollars at 95 percent condition. It also says to add 10-15 percent for mag calibers.

  3. Thanks for that information. Cabela's offered me $775. as is. So I'm thinking a little higher than that. Does anyone have a rifle like this?


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    I wouldn't pay more than what Cabela's offered...if the barrel wasn't rusted then you would have me saying it's closer to $900 on a good day.

  5. Thanks for all the opinion's on this rifle. The owner said, that he will keep the rifle.

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