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Feb 13, 2022
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I'm re-regulating my Baikal 45-70 , I've shot it a bunch with pretty good loads but ive tuned it down a bit and re adjusted my loads so now I'm fine tuning it and I'm wondering what most like their rifles regulated to for distance?

This is from John Rigby co.

"Acceptable results equate to an inch and a half at 65 yards. The regulation distance is important. A rifle regulated to touch bullets at 50 yards will be crossing at 70 yards. Barrels regulated to shoot within an inch and a half of each other at 65 yards, won’t start to cross until they reach 100 yards."

As of right now my bullets are crossing at 50yrds and I was going to bring it out so they touched at 50 but now I'm reconsidering to what I read from JR co but my shots with my eyes and iron sights past 50 yards I'm not sure If id even pull the trigger .....and this rifle will most likely be shooting hogs at 20-30yrds most of its life , any advice is appreciated thanks
Well I’m not going to argue with Rigby; however in my talks with Ken Owen on regulation, it is my understanding that the bullets should not be crossing but continuing to run parallel.

This is a R&L pair at 50yds and what many would consider the holy grail of regulation accuracy and for a .470ne I’m happy as can be with it.

Best advice that I can give you is to start with a chronograph and keep records of the load data written on the actual targets along with the velocities.
Heym regulates at 50m, and it is a two part thing: Firstly you have to be able to shoot accurately at whatever distance is chosen, and for me 50 metres is the open sight limit. Secondly, most double rifle hunting, hogs in your case, happens inside 50 metres.
It depends how far out you are going to shoot. If like you say it will remain under 50 yards, then an inch apart at that distance is fine, with leeway for a further shot. That will still be in a pig’s vitals after crossing if you have to follow up a shot out at 100 yards.
I've done some ungodly amount of time understanding this rifles adjustments and I am able to get bullets touching at 50yrds although to me it's fun and a challenge I enjoy it , granted this is adjustments not true regulation like on the big boys as this one has a jack screw but that being said I have got to the point where I'm dialing it out to make them as close as pig accuracy as I need and I'm doing the testing in my lead sled to regulate then I'll adjust my sights off the sticks once I have the barrels just right. Which I am about 1.5" off at the moment I just didn't want to go too wide on my patterning

I'll try and get it to not cross fire and then check it out at a farther distance to see if they ever do cross but I'm not sure how picky I really need to get here lol from what I've read I should be happy leaving it where I am and call it a day but I know I can do a little better
Any chance of a couple of pictures of your Baikal?
I just sent my 500 off to JJ Perodeau to have a PMR Red Dot installed and and he will re-regulate it using Factory Federal 570gr Solids. Hopefully I will be able to get it close using my CEB 570gr Handloads. If it crosses who cares? Get it close at 50 yards. Most Hog hunters regulate for 100 yards.
I just sent my 500 off to JJ Perodeau to have a PMR Red Dot installed and and he will re-regulate it using Factory Federal 570gr Solids. Hopefully I will be able to get it close using my CEB 570gr Handloads. If it crosses who cares? Get it close at 50 yards. Most Hog hunters regulate for 100 yards.
Ya I been messing with it a little more today and they are finiky little bastards,, I can get It darn near perfect @ 50 but the minute I try and get a small spread @ 50 than that 1 click of the wheel sends it flying so I'm going back to where the gun likes it screw the numbers she'll be minute of pig by my standards and I'm a on foot hunter no tree stands so if I can't scoot up to one around 40 or 50yds at least than I need a shower or a new pair of boots
If I understand the regulation correctly, a bullet fired from the right barrel will stay to the right of the line of sight, traveling at a slight angle toward the line of sight until it crosses the line of sight at the desired distance, 50 or 65 yards. The bullet fired from the left barrel follows a mirror image of the right barrel, traveling at a slight angle to the line of sight until it crosses at 50 or 65 yards. Since the line of sight is less than 2 inches from the center of either bore, the bullet would be withing two inches of line of sight at the muzzle and decreasing from there until it crosses at 50 or 65 yards. In either case I would consider a shot placed within 1.5" of the line of sight to be adequate accuracy.
Continuing the triangle of bullet path to line of sight beyond the point of crossing, it would follow that since the angle crossing at 50 yards is slightly sharper than the 65 point crossing, that the bullets would diverge at the increase angle. but even so, if the formula holds up, the bullets should only be 2" away from line of sight at 100 yards- a mirror of the triangle from 0 - 50. The o - 65 yard triangle would be a mirror out to 130 yards, so would gain 30 yards before the bullet was outside muzzle to line of sight distance.
This is all a mathematical analysis and like most things in real world applications- several other factors have varying effects, but it does give a starting point to understanding the dynamics of double rifles.

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