Easy, they do things at their own pace...
My point exactly. Governments are the same the world over.

I don't think they are any slower to get things done than governments in the West. In fact, they may be faster, because in many cases, it's easier to find the person responsible and prevail upon him or her to get the job done.

Secondly, if you're looking for examples of arbitrary actions by Government, you don't need to go to Africa. The USF&WS could give African countries lessons on the importance of typographical errors, the value to be given to treaties to which the country is a party, and the ability to ignore any time limits imposed on them by law.
Just what do they do for "dip & pack"? I assume all that is done is dip in a bug killer solution and then dry out the hide. Anything else?
Depends on the specific animal. For example, animals with horns that stay affixed to the skull, such as wildebeest and cape buffalo, they drill a hole in the horns to aid in the drying process. Skulls must be free of any soft tissue, so they cook/age them in vats. Sometimes referred to as “boil & bleach”, but this is neither boiling or bleaching. Boiling softens the bone and destroys the thin stuff in the nose. I believe done properly, they are done at around 113 degrees F.
In the case of cats, porcupine, and a bunch of other greasy critters a “special” rub is used on the hide to help prevent grease burning. The greasy critters should be tanned as soon as possible to prevent degradation of the cape which happens immediately after skinning. Animals such as Serval, Caracal, Civet, Genet, Honey Badger, Porcupine and many more are at high risk of grease burning. The longer they wait, the more risk there is to the cape.
Primates, pigs and some others I believe require some additional time and attention, but I can’t remember the details.
Figures buddy i went huntin with got his permits and paid up bill to ship out! Im over here waitin on permits still! Makes the wait so much worse! We did everything the same. Im dying here!
I’m hoping now that the shut down is ending in Africa I’ll get an email that they have my permit from Limpopo to export my buffalo. I think they have the permit for the plains game to be exported but who knows. I agree though this dip pack export crap is a complete rip off. But if you want to hunt Africa you have to deal with it as tough as it is. Fingers crossed it all arrives by early February.
Just got word from safari cargo! Permits been issued they should have them no later then friday. Hopefully theyll be on a delta flight next week headed to atl then to bwi!
Good to hear ryan. Now we can start planning your next trip to add to your collection. LOL sable buff eland and so many more.:whistle:
Bill still trying to decide weather i do the buff/sable hunt or do sable hunt and add bunch of plains game. I kee going back and forth!
Bill still trying to decide weather i do the buff/sable hunt or do sable hunt and add bunch of plains game. I kee going back and forth!

I do the same thing have been wanting to do a buff but plains game hunting is so fun that I can stop. The kid is doing a sable with his bow this trip. Plenty of time to figure your stuff out yet
Bill still trying to decide weather i do the buff/sable hunt or do sable hunt and add bunch of plains game. I kee going back and forth!

When you looking at getting back?
Yes they are really lookin at a red lechwe but still need/want nyala, mtn zebra, eland. Along with a few simple ones like blesbok so ive been back and forth now. Hoping to be back 2019
And either way a warthog is a must no matter what i decide! Start the bait pile peiter! Haha
I finally got my permits for the stuff I shot in May. Now Delta is not accepting new shipments until middle of Jan.
The last time we went we used all the same people and it was very much faster. I do not think it was the people but a Gov problem(lazy) and now a shipping problem.
They will get here when they do is the best attitude to take. Remember it is Africa and they do things at their own pace. :)

Ding ding ding we have a winner. That is precisely what is happening. Things go much faster when grease is applied but that is difficult from across the ocean
Good to hear ryan will not be long now.
Will someone then explain to me why things take so long with governments outside of Africa?

Having been a former public servant (30 yrs) I can state that hard work and doing your job well and efficiently is seldom rewarded and often discouraged. Don't get me started on those with an agenda who are protected by unions

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