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    It is easy to "blame" some one/group for the decimation of wildlife in Africa and the world. It makes us feel removed from that group and therefore not part of the problem. The fact is that we are all part of the problem. The mer...e fact that you Wayne Gillis and you Mark Anthony were born makes you part of the problem. The single biggest problem is that there is not space for habitat for animals. In fifty years our children will look back at our bickering and realize that it was irrelevant. An elephant can not co exist with farms like deer. There are more people that need more space and therefore less space for animals. Hunters are playing a big roll in wildlife management but is definitely not the cause of wildlife decimation. We (humans) are all responsible for the decimation of the wildlife species. There are however people that decide to participate in conserving what we have got for as long as we possibly can in a modern environment like hunters and there are people screaming and shouting from the sidelines playing the blame game and not participating and therefore contributing to the decimation. We are taking part in conservation albeit by ways and means you do not understand (and never will unless you come to Africa and see the reality) but the reality is that you screaming and shouting from sidelines will never be part of the solution because you do not know what the problem is. The question remains: If you are so serious about wildlife....Why are you not a hunter?! - Unknown (post on a anti-hunting web site)

    i found this text on the "hunting" page on facebook

    i think it's great what do you think about it?:confused::D

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    Thank you Isaac, this is a good quote.
    I believe the problem is very deep and am afraid that ethical hunters are not doing enough to educate people.
    Educate means sharing passion for wildlife, sharing passion of tracking, the quest not the goal, not glooming about their trophies (look at the recent articles on Yahoo about the two Trump sons, terrible) and not throwing their testosterones all over the place.
    i am living in Switzerland, in a state that already had to vote twice on abolishing hunting (rejected by a narrow margin). Our game is disappearing due to illegal re-introduction of lynx and wolf (re-introduced by anti-hunting organization), still most people argue that this is "natural" disappearance of game. What if we explain to them, at least try, that hunting is "natural? that the only way to save ten elephants is to kill one or two...
    I deeply respect people that are anti-hunting and live to their word, meaning no meat, no leather shoes, nothing that calls for the killing of a soul. I respect people that do not kill mosquitoes out of principles and accept being surrounded by cockroaches for the same reasons. And I have found those people, those who live by their word up to the end, to respect most of the time our vision.
    What can we do? Share, with patience, teach the next generation, accept the differences of opinion and be convinced of what we do is right. For us, and for the nature we love.

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