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I’ll ask another question here I guess rather than a new thread. It recently occurred to me that I often enjoy looking back at pictures and videos I take with my phone skope of animals during the hunt and I even get kill shots on video sometimes. My main spotting scope is a maven 12-27x56 straight spotter. Is taking my spotter as a long range camera per se too much? I don’t have a fancy DSLR camera with long range lenses. Here’s some examples of pics I took on a recent Texas trip with my phone and spotter..
Hey all. June is fast approaching. Only 4 1/2 months til our first Trip to Africa!

I’ve been thinking about what exactly to pack and obviously I’ll be in contact with our outfitter but still I thought I’d ask all you experienced folks around here about what exactly to bring. We are headed to Limpopo Province for plains game. Flying Phoenix to Heathrow to Johannesburg. Renting rifles there just to keep things simple and not worry about that part. I’d prefer to fly with no check bags as that’s the way I like to fly all the time if I can help it. Heck for one week work trips I can basically just take a backpack if I’m just going to meetings all week. So far I feel like I can get away with a personal item and a carry on for everyone in our family. And yes the whole family is going. Wife and two kids.

So far all I can really think of is bringing Binos for everyone. Wife and one kid will have a camera as well. Figure travel clothes plus two sets of hunting clothes/person. Probably just wear my boots and pack my trail runner shoes. Figure the kids will probably wear shoes and pack sandals for around camp. Same for the wife. Toiletries for everyone. Hats will be worn on the plane or in backpacks. Was thinking of taking my tripod with rifle clamp since that’s how my kids typically shoot. They are both on the small side for their age as they are 9 and 10 and while they are good shots they struggle to support even a youth rifle on a rest so we clamp the rifle into the tripod. My daughter just shot a javelina like that last week at just shy of a 100 yards. So figured I could throw my tripod in my carry on easy enough. Paperwork (passports/ birth certificates for kids) and cash (US $ and some Rand) for tips and spending in my and wife’s backpack. No medications for anyone other than I usually have some Motrin, baby aspirin, and Tylenol PM on hand.

What else am I missing? I’m trying to keep it simple but we are traveling half way around the world.
Xtra copies of all paperwork & passports. Xtra pens, they disappear be sure black ink.
Important phone #s, seperate from phone
Rely on what your outfitter tells you to bring. Most items can be bought in Joberg airport or locally. I don't often take rifles anymore as most have very good rifles.

Hard not to overpack, but most of us do.
Xtra copies of all paperwork & passports. Xtra pens, they disappear be sure black ink.
Important phone #s, seperate from phone

As stated. Plus with my medical history.
Dr phone numbers. And any important medical info that may be needed. Prescription meds for any emergency.
I always have a packet with copies of everything in it. Along with medical info. And give a packet to PH first day in camp in case anything was to happen, he know who to call.
Do y'all have recommendations on what kind of ammo box to pack when you need it as a separate checked piece of luggage on Airlink?

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