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Come and join us Water Buffalo hunting in one of the last truly wild frontiers left in the world, Arnhemland Northern Territory, Australia. With 1 000,000 acres across two concessions, plentiful game numbers, and not a fence or other person to be seen, this is a truly wild experience
We cater to all hunters and outdoorsmen. Equipped with modern 4x4 go-anywhere vehicles, whatever your age or fitness level we can tailor a safari for you. However we love a traditional walk, spot, and stalk safari, so if trekking long distances through remote untouched valleys in search of old bulls is up your alley we have you covered as well!

When you go on Safari with Big Country Safaris you are going remote! Darwin is the port you will fly into and where we will pick you up from the airport or your chosen hotel. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory with a population of around 120,000 people. From Darwin, you will be transported in modern air-conditioned 4WD vehicles to camp. Both our camps are situated on the Central Arnhem Plateau, known for big Buffalo Bulls and their wide sweeping horn genetics.

The Bonanza Valley Tented Camp is an 8-hour drive from Darwin, with the last 250km of this journey being on dirt. The Mann River is also an 8-hour drive from Darwin.
Don't stress about the car trip there are plenty of interesting places to stretch your legs on the way to camp including waterfalls and scenic lookouts! We hope to see you in one of our camps water buffalo hunting Australia!
Charter flights from Darwin to both camps are available on a POA basis.

About Us


Big Country Safaris was established in 2016 by professional hunter Petrus Kok of Zimbabwe and avid Australian hunter and fisherman Alexander Jagers. It was by chance that that Alex and Petrus would meet through a mutual Zimbabwean friend whilst Alex was hunting in Zimbabwe, from there the rest is history.

The idea of Big Country Safaris was born on an invitation from Alex to Petrus for a month long hunting and fishing trip to the town of Katherine and its surrounding regions of the Northern Territory Australia where Alex calls home. Whilst on safari in and around Katherine Petrus identified the potential for a successful safari venture due to the first class numbers of game in particular the vast numbers of quality trophy Asiatic Water Buffalo witnessed on any given days safari as well as the other game including large wild oxen and wild boars to name a few. Furthermore the close proximity of Katherine to many of Australia’s world famous natural landmarks and Alex’s permanent lodge type accommodation providing a comfortable central base added merit to the idea of starting Big Country Safaris and the company slogan of ‘not just a hunt but a holiday’.

Through the passion for hunting and fishing, Big Country Safaris aims to provide a top class hunting experience as well as showcasing the Northern Territory’s unique and magical landscapes creating a safari and memories you will never forget. Today Big Country Safaris has an exclusive lease on the well renowned Bonanza Valley, Arnhem Land Concession, and also conducts regular safaris on Conways Stations out of the first class purpose-built hunting lodge.
Asiatic Water Buffalo
The Asiatic water buffalo Bubalus Bubalis was introduced in the 1840’s to Northern Australia as a means of meat supply for the early settlers in their colonies. By the 1940’s these colonies had been abandoned and despite the buffalo being targeted for their meat, hides and trophy hunting they quickly multiplied and spread across the vast floodplains of the Northern Territory. The BTEC program of the 1980’s known as the Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Campaign would see numbers decimated from the estimated 350 000 head population of this time. It is estimated today that some 150 000 head still roam the north of the top end today.

The mature male buffalo bull ranges in size from 600-800 kilograms with bulls of 1000 kilograms not uncommon. During the dry season, most trophy bulls will be found solitary in dry open plains with surrounding vegetation, rocky hills, gullies, and sandy creek lines providing ideal cover. With the size, aggressiveness and the inch-thick hide of the buffalo a min calibre of .338 is recommended, but the 375 H&H, 416 or 458 is ideally suited. Hunting will be done at close quarters with most close in stalks ranging from 15 to 50 metres and longer shots taken at 60-100 metres when stalking on open plains. Buffalo will be spotted and then stalked in many cases but most commonly the most impressive bulls will come from walking particular springs, swamps creek line and open plains. The buffalo’s strong sense of smell makes it all too aware of its sensory environment and surroundings making it such a desirable game animal both in size and the effort required to take one of these trophy animals. This amazing sense of smell only seems to get better and better with a bulls size and maturity. The water buffalos impressive wide sweeping horns make for an impressive trophy either as a skull mount or a beautiful shoulder mount and are bound to be a conversation starter on any keen hunter’s wall

Bowhunting Buffalo
Bow hunting and the growth of the sport worldwide is seeing hunting buffalo with a bow becoming more and more popular amongst clients. It is the ultimate challenge man verse beast. Buffalo have an inherent sixth sense when it comes to getting close whilst hunting them. Here at Big Country Safaris our guides love the challenge and rush of guiding bowhunters. The earlier months of the season May, June, July provide greater long grass cover for those extra close proximity stalks. However the landscape of our buffalo concession dotted with hundreds of creeks and tree lines provides ample cover for all levels of bow hunters and huntress both young and old all year round.

We recommend hunters be able to pull at minimum 65 pounds but 70-80 pounds is ideal. We recommend an arrow weight of around 800 grains in total for best penetration success. However the most important factor is the broad head. We recommend the following two-blade single bevel one-piece broad heads. You must ensure your broad heads are razor sharp. Buffalo bulls have a hide over an inch thick in places!

  • Grizzly broadheads
  • Alaskan Silver Flames Broadheads
  • Ozcut Broadheads
  • Kayuga Broadheads
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions in regards to bow and arrow setups. If we can't answer your question we will have one of our close bow-hunting residents and good friends answer your question.
Typically most bow shots are taken at distances between 20 and 50 yards.




Traditional Tented Safari Camp

Big Country Safaris operates across our two adjacent concessions. Our main camp is the traditional tented camp at our Bonanza Valley Concession. With another camp located at the northern end of our Mann River Concession. Both concessions hold exceptional numbers of buffalo and our clients will get to hunt across both concessions on their safari with us.

Don't let a tented camp fool you for lack of comfort this is not a fly camp. Our traditional safari camp is set on the banks of the Wilton River. We like to refer to it as the "Hilton on the Wilton". With new canvas tents, elevated beds, hot showers, and toilets combined with modern wifi and satellite tv our camp aims for comfort for all hunters and guests alike. Sit back around the firepit with a cold beer after a big day's hunting and enjoy the tranquility of the Australian bush.

Our camp is equipped with the following features.
- New canvas tents
- Elevated Beds
- Toilets
- Hot Showers
- Fans
- 24 hour electricity/power
- Kitchen with cook and hot meals
- Firepit
- Wifi
- Satellite TV

Although operating in such a remote area we are happy to take on any reasonable camp requests to tailor to our guest's safari with us and their comfort.


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