New seat configuration on Delta flight 200


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May 9, 2009
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Delta brought out new seat configuration and I think new A350-900 for Flight 200 on 6-20. Just curious if anyone has heard anything about them
Yes, I was on that plane twice last year. Once in Comfort + and once in Premium Select. The addition of Premium Select has changed the layout a bit. My favorite seat is now a no go for me. Comfort Plus 30C is bulkhead left side aisle. The aisle angles hard here from the 3-3-3 economy cabin into the new 2-4-2 PS cabin and now beverage carts etc CAN NOT pass with out hitting someone on these aisle seats. 30C and its companion 30G are the worst.
I still say Comfort+ is the sweet spot for value but if PS is $3000 or less I will choose it.
I am on Qatar for this next safari but will be pricing all of them for my 2025 safaris.

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Spain, i booked through a consultant, i book almost everything through him now and he's done me right. his contact 724 986 7206 if interested and he will have more info to share,
I hunted elephant with Luke Samaris in 2005. It was my fourth safari and I tell you he is a fine gentleman the best. I got the opportunity to meet Patty Curtis, although never hunted with him but enjoyed our conversation around our tent in the Selous. Very sad for a tough guy to leave this world the way he did. Let’s pray the murderers are caught. I hope to see Luke in Nashville.
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Good morning. I am a Ruger fan myself. Have you sold to anyone on the site before? How old is the ammo?